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Sofa shopping: Our eyes are bigger than our sala  Posted on 09/04/2014
We drove all around yesterday looking for the perfect sofa for Casa Nana. I had already done some reconnaissance work from back at home, separating the wheat from the chaff before we even arrived. Still, it was a busy day. We first...
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Settling into everyday life in Mérida  Posted on 09/01/2014
We are here for just a week, but that doesn’t stop us from playing house in our new house. There is something about rolling your shopping cart into the hot parking lot that feels like a rite of passage for a wanna-be...
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Honey, I’m home  Posted on 08/30/2014
We were walking around like we owned the place. And we do, we do own the place. This was the first time we walked around in it. Alone, not sharing the space with construction workers. We were handed keys. Just three keys, out of 20-some...
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A bolt out of the blue hits us where we live  Posted on 08/11/2014
It’s all over the newspapers and social media. Yesterday a big boom alarmed the residents of El Centro Hysterical. “Súper trueno” causa alarma en Mérida, was the headline in Diario de Yucatán....
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Ooh la la, Mérida  Posted on 08/04/2014
My friends wonder out loud what Paul and I will be eating once we make the big move to Mérida, and I want them to know that it won’t be all tacos and enchiladas. Despite my attempts to educate my poor unenlightened friends...
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The search begins for furniture that I don’t hate  Posted on 08/02/2014
It’s time to start scouting ahead for furniture. Sounds like fun, right? Not really. Not in Mérida. I keep hearing that selections have improved. So why do I have such a hard time finding, in my price range, a sofa I...
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Welcome to Yucatán, where the cathedral is optional  Posted on 06/30/2014
Back in February, when Paul and I returned home from Mérida with Mom and Dad (ages 84 and 89, I’m sure they won’t mind my telling you), we were a little stumped when my normally effusive parents went a little quiet when...
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  • corollarn
    corollarn 05 October 2012 15:45:42

    This is one of my favorite blogs!!!

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