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TIM: This is Mexico, reconsidered  Posted on 01/26/2015
I was rushing around this morning because I woke up slightly late and had to get ready for a contractor who was due to arrive at 8. Paul thought it was kind of adorable that I assumed the contractor would show up at 8 for an 8...
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Good morning, Casa Nana!  Posted on 01/22/2015
Finally, we took a trip to Mérida, not to visit a construction site, but to actually stay in our own finished home that we’ve been building since late 2012. Since construction, I’ve imagined what it would be like to...
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Unmasked! 2 neighbors learn about Casa Nana  Posted on 01/12/2015
Not wanting to distance ourselves from our family and neighbors up in Connecticut, we’ve been very low-key about our plans to move to Mérida. Really, it’s no one’s business, but it’s been tough to keep...
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Advice grows old quickly for the Mérida expat  Posted on 01/10/2015
A friend was looking for a handyman who was recommended to her a year or two ago. She went back to the person who suggested him to see if she had his number. “Oh, we don’t use him anymore,” she was told. He had gotten...
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Let there be dark!  Posted on 12/28/2014
It’s beat-the-clock time as we prepare to visit Casa Nana, this time as occupants. We had already bought three beds and patio furniture for the house, but nothing yet for the master bedroom in the casita on the rear of the...
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A student turns the tables on the blogger  Posted on 12/06/2014
Yesterday I was a little startled by a communications major at Universidad Modelo. She was writing a paper on foreigners involved with rebuilding houses in the historic district. She found me on Facebook and asked to...
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Visiting journalists have a way with words  Posted on 11/11/2014
It’s always interesting when a real wordsmith comes to Mérida and starts to write. I’ve always struggled to capture the city in a way that communicates what it feels like to actually be here. I’ve struggled as far...
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Imagining daily life in Yucatán: We draw a blank  Posted on 10/31/2014
We came, we saw, we built a house. But we’re still in Connecticut, preparing to rent out Casa Nana before we finally settle in possibly sometime next year. (And it kills me to have to add possibly to that sentence.) You’d think...
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Mr. Jade won’t be part of Team Yucatán Expat  Posted on 10/20/2014
We have no children, and no pets. The closest thing we have to offspring is a giant jade plant that started off as a tiny little sprout bought at Home Depot. Suffice it to say, it’s flourished under our parenting. Yesterday we gave...
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Eat like a local? OK. Drink like a local? Nah  Posted on 10/05/2014
More about bitters. I’ll keep this brief, I promise. The advice to new expats is to go with the flow, eat and drink like the locals, and keep things simple. Abandon your old ways and adapt to life as it is lived in Yucatán. As...
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  • corollarn
    corollarn 05 October 2012 15:45:42

    This is one of my favorite blogs!!!

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