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Blogs are dead. Long live the blog.  Posted on 04/16/2014
Remember a few years back when there were so many more really solid blogs on life in Mérida? When YouTube was packed with videos exploring neighborhoods or touring a special home? As social media rose and became mainstream, we...
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Farewell to the office  Posted on 03/20/2014
Walking through our newsroom at work, I sometimes think about how I’ll miss all that buzz and clatter when I finally move to Mérida. I’m just a team player, I guess. I was just reading about people who bail out of...
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Hidden outside spaces inside the house  Posted on 03/13/2014
Here’s evidence of more green coming in! I’m not there in person, but the photos being sent to me make me green with envy for anyone who can be there. If you’re in Mérida right now, let me commend you on your life...
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Oh drat, I forgot to learn Spanish and drop 10 pounds  Posted on 03/02/2014
Panic attack. Moving to Mérida is still part of our three-year plan. It was part of our three-year plan three years ago, too. Funny how we’re still at our same Connecticut jobs, still caring for our parents, three years after...
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The house that woke us from our house-hunter coma  Posted on 02/22/2014
I have stumbled on a vacation-rental listing for a house that we saw when it was unfinished and on the market. Looks like some smart cookie ended up buying and renovating the house, already bringing in steady income and positive online...
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A tree grows there now  Posted on 02/15/2014
I’m still a little haunted by our first tour of the house we ended up buying in Mérida. The owner of the house, a frail woman in her 90s, with long silky hair her doting son had kept brushed, was bedridden. I remember her...
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Mom and Dad survive Mexico, and vice versa  Posted on 02/09/2014
Dad almost wiped out on a pile of rocks. He also almost wiped out some national treasures at a museum. Mom traded her gray wool skirt for a bright orange blouse and developed a craving for spicy food. It was a week to remember. You realize...
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The road not taken to Mérida  Posted on 02/05/2014
Paul, my by-far better half, was aware of Mérida well before I was. Welllll before. Back in the 1970s, Paul and his family were faithful members of a Pentecostal church in Connecticut. Eloisa was the church’s missionary, and...
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The jaguar is XX’d out, but the bitters are better  Posted on 02/01/2014
Remember the “el jaguar rojo” sculpture at the airport? This symbol of Mesoamerican culture is so powerful and inspiring. I’m glad I paused to snap the picture; usually when I’m in the airport I’m rushing from...
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  • corollarn
    corollarn 05 October 2012 15:45:42

    This is one of my favorite blogs!!!

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