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World Cup Mexico - Brazil  Posted on 06/18/2014
It was a great game even with no scoring thanks to Ochoa .... and everyone else.  My only question after hearing that Mexico should be happy with a tie was .... what are the current standing for their group. From the following article...
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Futbol, futbol, futbol ...  Posted on 06/17/2014
It's here for the next month (World Cup). More or less interesting so far but not so much if you are from the US.   My neighbor dropped by to make sure I was watching the US vs Ghana game. A goal in 30 seconds of the start and...
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Lots of Royal Roads  Posted on 06/15/2014
I've had the old black and white photo below for a long time and didn't really have a story to go along with it. A Blog post on Geo Mexico about a search for Camino Real and San Blas Nayarit got me wondering how many El Camino...
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Third Storm of the Season  Posted on 06/12/2014
Yesterday Christina was destined to be a small Category 1 hurricane when over night it became a Category 4.  It's pretty far from land so don't expect much but overcast.  Tuesday night was a total surprise with people...
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Grandma and the Cocodrilo  Posted on 06/08/2014
We were joking with Nahima last week about Cocodrilo's and instead of fear, she wanted to see one. All ready to go to La Manzanilla until we realized Euriel had never seen one and he was in school. Better Saturday. Didn't think...
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Ban the Butter  Posted on 06/08/2014
I'm sorry but this comes from the head of the DEA??? This is retarded Tea Party or Republican up for election thinking. Who appointed Michele Leonhart to such a position. You will not believe this. The USofA has gone to the dogs....
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Gardening again  Posted on 06/01/2014
I had so much luck with cherry tomatoes last year in these raised beds I had to try it again. Had to pull up and/or transplant a bunch of tropical ornamental plants but this is food that you can eat!! Everything I was growing in buckets...
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Charcos y Lodo  Posted on 05/31/2014
While on a Chapala message board they play this game of name "the first rain" date ... our first 3 days have come and gone. Their game rules are so strange nobody has won yet even though it has rained quite a bit in the Chapala...
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I'm not Blackie  Posted on 05/28/2014
We loaded up Blackie in the car on the way to Melaque yesterday afternoon and stopped by the house of the people missing the dog. I handed him to their 12 year old while they all said it's not Blackie. Since they are missing their dog...
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Meet Blackie  Posted on 05/26/2014
This little guy has had a rough week.  He escaped from his owners while visiting neighbors and somehow ended up in my yard. He kept popping up around the yard for 2 days and I thought he'd taken off until Hugo spotted him behind...
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