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Managing a VERY jealous big sister  Posted on 03/03/2015
Ever since Lil Dood was born, my eldest was never the same. I could not blame her, she has been the one and only child in the family and extended family for 7 years! She's used to being the star, the center of attention and the only...
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Infant Circumcision  Posted on 02/25/2015
To circumcise or not to circumcise - is not even a question. In our culture, all males have to undergo circumcision either as an infant or as an adolescent. It is historically considered as the boys' rite of passage but not considered...
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Introducing...my Little Dood  Posted on 02/19/2015
A few days after my post on 'repurposing' this blog, and just a couple of days before the due date, little dude has decided to come out...I will be calling him Little Dood (Lil Dood) or Atom (his Filipino nick-name) for purposes...
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I conquer - Repurposed  Posted on 01/26/2015
It has been exactly a year ago since my last blog post. 2014 has been an awesome year for me and my family. It was crazy busy that I needed to decide to focus only on things that matter most - family, work and school. Sadly, this blog was...
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Springridge Farm Pumpkin Patch  Posted on 01/21/2014
It feels weird writing about pumpkins when it is already January.I was going through some pictures from last year and the experiences I failed to blog on time. As they say, better late than never...this may be a good reference for people...
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Rock Star Birthday Party  Posted on 01/14/2014
One of my mini-project during my blog hiatus was my little girl's birthday party last summer. I wasn't planning to throw her a big party but I got myself into a bit of a trouble. I'm one of those who loved to purchase...
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Back from Blog Hiatus  Posted on 12/10/2013
I was in an involuntary blog hiatus for the past few months.I had been juggling too many balls, my CGA course, a CSP course, my work, being a mother and a wife. Not to mention my MIL (mother in law) is in town so that means all weekends...
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Trip to Brockville and the 1,000 Islands (Part 2)  Posted on 09/25/2013
If the Philippines have the 100 Islands, Ontario has it's 1,000 Islands. I was a bit confuse for some time interchanging the 100 and the 1000 between the 2 countries. I know for sure that the Philippine's 100 Islands are...
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Trip to Brockville and the 1,000 Islands (Part 1)  Posted on 09/20/2013
One of the trips we have planned for one of the summer weekend is a trip to the 1,000 islands. We left GTA at around 8:30 in the morning, and arrived in the city of Brockville just in time for lunch. Brockville is a city in Eastern Ontario...
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  • punrun
    punrun 17 June 2013 05:14:38

    I\'ve read the \"34 Signs You Grew Up Filipino\" by Ashley Perez through your blog and had a good laugh. I can relate to all of it but no.11 really standout--sending balikbayan boxes.

    I used to anticipate those heavy boxes now it\'s my turn.

    Looking forward to know more of your stories.

  • hasina350
    hasina350 28 May 2013 18:15:19

    It is very nice post .And it is very helpful for everybody.


  • hollynelson
    hollynelson 14 March 2013 16:26:07

    My favourite expat blog - sums up precisely how I have felt through immigration!

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