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Arab Ties

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added on 07/10/2010 by: Iulia Al Abbas
Western women in the Arab world: tales of love vs. hate, ecstasy vs. despair, faith vs. heretical magic stuff Islam as it is Dubai’s untold stories, the Gulf’s secrets and Levant’s wonders
 tags: family, interracial, islam, love, multicultural

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Chapter 26 - Still Waters Run Deep  Posted on 02/15/2011
When she saw no one near me, Moira came and asked directly:“Who’s that guy?”“Oh, not again! You can’t imagine how many times I had to answer to this question today: I don’t have an affair, he’s...
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Chapter 25 – Bikinis on Jumeirah Beach  Posted on 02/08/2011
Chapter 25 – Bikinis on Jumeirah Beach October 1994 He was bluffing, I knew he was. It couldn’t have been that easy to kill your wife in the UAE; maybe in other countries around, yes, but not there; and for sure he...
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Chapter 23 - The Smell of Hashish  Posted on 01/18/2011
Chapter 23 – The Smell of Hashish Sameera offered me a dozen essences in their small and elegant bottles, a bit from everything she had with the advice to try more mixtures until I found the perfect one for myself. Each bottle had...
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Chapter 22 - Sameera  Posted on 01/11/2011
Dear readers,Thank you all for being here and reading Arab Ties; yesterday the blog exceeded 10,000 pageviews, thanks to you. Until it’s properly published, you may only find it here, a chapter each week. You may add me as a friend...
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Chapter 21 - Short Trip to Bucharest  Posted on 01/04/2011
September 1994Meeting Sameera had to be postponed until my return from Romania; there wasn’t enough time; she was a too busy and important person to meet me whenever I wanted, as my husband pointed out.This 35 years old woman owned a...
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Chapter 19 – Diana  Posted on 12/22/2010
Chapter 19 – Diana August - September 1994, Sharjah UAE“Your brother will not live with us; he may live with you if you like, but I am packing and I’m so going home to my parents!”“Don’t try this method,...
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Chapter 18 – Guess who’s coming to town…  Posted on 12/14/2010
August 1994, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates“My boss invited us for dinner tonight”, said my husband as he entered. “Bring lunch quickly then get dressed, I must take you with me to the office because we go from there in...
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Chapter 17 - A Summer Day's Dream  Posted on 12/07/2010
Many times we choose the simplest method to deal with overwhelming situations and so did I when Mukhtar got home: I pretended to be asleep. He walked slowly by the room, checked on me, then fixed his lunch by himself; after all, he only...
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  • orchid350
    orchid350 20 February 2012 08:28:10

    Hi Lulia,

    I am looking for romanian customer service representatives, for a US based organization, in Dubai. The candidate should be a graduate and must have excellent Romanian language skills (written and verbal) Please let me know, if anyone is interested to apply for this position?

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