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added on 05/07/2012 by: Duabidays
I'm a Brit and my husband Johan is Swedish. Our blog is about our days and nights, living in Dubai and exploring the Middle East. Covering travel, food, sports, top tips, life in general with lots of pics. Also it may provide some helpful or amusing information to those already living in or thinking of moving to Dubai.
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We've had ANOTHER Baby!  Posted on 10/15/2015
Yup we are now FOUR!!!So as I wrote two years ago in We've had a baby - I don't like to post to the world about being pregnant due to unfortunate past experiences.However, I have secretly been baking another cookie throughout...
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Best Steak in Dubai - West 14th Review  Posted on 11/14/2014
Sundowners at West 14thMany claim that West 14th offers the best steak in Dubai - quite an accolade....Marketing itself as a 'New York steak house' hence the name, West 14th is based at Oceana residences on the Palm Jumeirah and...
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Best Steak's in Dubai - Frevo @ Fairmount The Palm  Posted on 08/24/2014
´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐Photos courtesy of Kunal Aurora This is the first in a series of reviews which will focus on finding the best steaks in Dubai. Because everyone loves red meat right!...well apart from veggies and vegan's of course....
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New Year in Sri Lanka  Posted on 01/12/2014
Firstly, Happy New Year all!!Sunrise 1st January 2014 over the Knuckles mountain range Sri LankaSecondly, an apology....I'm sorry I've been rubbish at bloging in 2013.You see our precious small monkey gobbles up all my time and...
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The Carrot Cakes of Dubai  Posted on 06/04/2013
A good looking carrot cake Whilst pregnant I aquired a 4 O'clock cake habit. I told everyone that this was due to a 'pregnancy craving'.....this was in fact a huge lie!.........I wasn't really 'craving'...
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We've had a baby  Posted on 04/19/2013
Yes it's true we are now 3!!It may come as a bit of a surprise as I haven't posted anything about being pregnant over the last 10 months, my posts are often a few months behind anyway. But you see in the past we've sadly...
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101 - The One & Only, The Palm  Posted on 02/28/2013
101 located @ The One and Only on The Palm, is officially my new favourite restaurant!!Why? Because the setting is just beautiful, service excellent and the food is simply divine.Located on the Palm at the less famous of the two, One &...
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Digital Photography Level 1 @ Gulf Photo Plus  Posted on 02/17/2013
As a Christmas gift my thoughtful husband bought me a course of photography classes since I've a fledgling interest in photography and since starting this blog I'd like to take better photos for you."Hooray!".... I hear...
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Dhow trip to Musandam - Oman  Posted on 01/18/2013
Last Novemeber we spent a absolutely fantastic weekend on a Dhow cruise in Musamdam, which is in the neighbouring Sultanate of Oman. The Musandam peninsula is an enclave of Oman that juts out into the Strait of Hormuz and is famed for...
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Celebrating New Year in Dubai  Posted on 01/01/2013
This year we celebrated New Years Eve with friends at the mass beach party that is Sandance at Atlantis The Palm.We opted for the 500Dhs VIP tickets which made the experience a whole lot better, as you get access to a separate raised area...
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  • Snip-dogg06
    Snip-dogg06 07 July 2014 09:11:03

    Dubai, what an amazing city filled with just about anything an expat would want..There's so much to do and you never get bored here...Dubai wants you to enjoy the place to the fullest...They have you want and if not, they'll find a way to get it for you...


  • Danniyal lalani 27 July 2012 16:32:42

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    It would be really helpful if you could some how but it in your next blog post?
    I know it may sound like a lot but it would be amazing to get more responses from a wider demographic then only my school! Thank you so much and kind regards,
    Danniyal Lalani

  • lisa 19 July 2012 07:28:13

    I'm British and my husband Johan is Swedish, we married in 2010 and moved to Dubai in late 2011 for Johan's work. Previously, we've lived in both Stockholm and London and now a new adventure in Dubai

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