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Taxi repaint in progress  Posted on 01/02/2008
As I write, the old Nissan Sunny is undergoing a respray and is waiting for a lovely yellow number on the door. I've been learning the art of breaking meters and ripping people off...Bahrain Taxi will soon be ready to roll.
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Skypey Skype  Posted on 07/25/2007
It's another rainy day in the UK and the Taxi isn't missing the hot Al Ain weather at all. In fact, I'm not missing Al Ain at all. I just wish that I could Skype my friends there but of course they're blocked from using...
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Bye  Posted on 07/14/2007
Well the taxi light has been switched off and I'm walking away from the car. Yes, I'm blogging from a connecting airport and I'm on my way home, at least for a while. UK is not my final destination though, I'm coming...
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Suicide is painless?  Posted on 07/05/2007
In the UAE you can't even try and kill yourself without the risk of punishment from the authorities. It wasn't as if this man was trying to harm anyone else. This is a prime example of how mental health is misunderstood in this...
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Still here  Posted on 06/29/2007
I haven't gone yet.Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been to busy to blog. I'm just here to say that I'm still around! Once I've left I'll be telling you all where I'm off too.And please, if you're...
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Buckets  Posted on 06/05/2007
I have two buckets, one for money and one for BS. When either one is full it's time to leave.Guess which one of my buckets is full...
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That Saloon Thang  Posted on 05/13/2007
There's loads of saloons in Al Ain, in fact there are loads of them in the UAE. They have to round the cowboys up at closing time when they're all swinging on them saloon doors having drunk too much wallop. Often you'll find...
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More on that exodus  Posted on 05/07/2007
42% of EFL teaching staff in Al Ain are downing whiteboard markers and leaving according to this. They're not the only ones. A large percentage of faculty from the main higher education institutions are off as well. It seems that...
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Boredom, heat, Runescape and pre-historic AC  Posted on 04/24/2007
Yes, it's hot now. The ACs are humming away, blowing their slightly chilled dirty air into my home. My son finds it too hot to play outside so he's hiding in some virtual world called 'Runescape' where the temperature...
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  • Marknew
    Marknew 07 January 2015 09:08:56

    its really hard to get taxis in al-ain, is there any numbers I can call to get a taxi sent to a specific place?

  • London to heathrow 05 April 2012 09:09:27

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