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Celebrating New Year’s Even in Sirkeci  Posted on 11/07/2013
Looking for a place to celebrate New Year’s eve in Istanbul? Sirkeci Group’s three restaurants are offering exclusive fix menus for a special evening. Imbat Restaurant Neyzade Restaurants Pasazade Restaurant Check the menus...
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KASAP DÖNER: How Hungry Are You?  Posted on 09/09/2013
Doner is the most common fast food in Turkey and many parts of Europe, which isn’t surprising since the essence of the food is so simple. Grilled meat + break of some sort. The way the meat is cooked, seasoned, and put in the bread...
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BELTUR KANDIL CAFE  Posted on 07/12/2013
I only drank a tea here, but the setting is great, actually inside Gulhane park, the cafe is built into the park walls. it is quiet, serene, and a lovely place to relax. They offer a selection of foods like pasta, and grilled meatballs,...
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What Is? Iftar  Posted on 07/09/2013
Iftar is a grand meal eaten by Muslim people who choose to fast during the Holy Month of Ramazan (Ramadan) at sunest to break the daily fast. Iftar meals can range from grand 30 course feasts to small bowls of race and...
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What Is? Ramazan Pide (Ramadan Bread)  Posted on 07/02/2013
Ramazan Pide is a round bread with sesame seeds on top traditional eaten during Ramazan (Ramadan) time. While available throughout the year in some bakeries, Ramazan Pide can generally only be found during the holy month of...
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DIYARBAKIR SOFRASI: Just Like Your Mom Would Make  Posted on 06/20/2013
This building is not new, and in fact, the restaurant part is not new either, it has been there through several iterations and names, but recently has accrued a new management which seems to be in agreement with the spirit of the...
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NEYZADE: Turkish Table Diversity  Posted on 05/20/2013
Nestled between the tram line and the walls of Topkapi palace, Neyzade works a small bit of Big City magic; utilizing a prime real estate location which still maintains a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. The menu is dedicated to a culinary...
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┼×ANLI URFA KEBAP SALONU: Respect The Kebap  Posted on 05/18/2013
The famous town of Urfa lies in the Southeastern part of Turkey, not far from the Syrian border. One of the most popular kebaps is named after the city, this Urfa kebap is made from minced meat, seasoned but not spicy. Adana kebap, also...
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ME┼×HUR TAHTAKALE PILAVCISI: Wooden Rice Castle  Posted on 05/17/2013
With 30 years experience at the rice trade, Chef Ramazan knows what he is doing. Following the tried and trued adage, “do one thing, do it well,” this lunch time food stall has no menu, in fact, there are only two choices:...
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