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Post European Holiday Blues  Posted on 07/18/2014
I came back from my two weeks of quick gallivanting around Europe last Saturday. I went to a bunch of cities with different purposes in mind and not counting Austria, (I was in for a full 13 minutes as the bus driver from Liechtenstein...
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So you want to teach English in Istanbul?  Posted on 05/23/2014
The semester is coming to an end. Barely 16 teaching days left but why does it feel like an uphill climb, even more so now than the start of the school year? It doesn’t help that they are going to close down two kindergartens and the...
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Adulthood and consumerism goes hand in hand  Posted on 05/19/2014
Not to sound like Renton from Trainspotting, in under two weeks, I’ve gone from owning a 160x200 mattress, a pre-loved 2-seater sofa bed and six Ikea bags of clothes to choosing a fridge, washing machine, fake rococo bedroom set and...
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word play  Posted on 04/27/2014
Here’s some light-hearted updates from my quiet life in Istanbul. Kerem’s sink was leaking today and he had to call in a plumber cos it isn’t the usual kind of leak. He turned to me and asked, do you know anyone who is...
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death at a funeral  Posted on 04/20/2014
This morning, I was awoken by the urgent voices of my mum, sis and aunt who were in the living room. Nenek Uda passed away earlier when Cik Ati wanted to wake her up when she was leaving for work. I had gone to bed early but spent the...
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one month and life goes on they say  Posted on 04/20/2014
It felt longer than a month since Dad’s passing but here we are on the 20th of April Easter Sunday, something totally not observed since we live in Moslem Turkiye. I know there are scores of Jews and Armenian orthodox folks somewhere...
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grief hits when you least expect it  Posted on 04/03/2014
I haven’t had much time on my own since I flew back to SG. I spent my days surrounded by my mum or aunt or the new cat Tyler we got from Fred or I would go to meet close friends who had time to sit and chat with me. Earlier this...
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one week on (wrote this on the mrt)  Posted on 03/26/2014
A week since my dad passed on. This is around the time I sat outside to take a nap and Fadila showed up. We talked about my dad and I showed her into the room when my other relatives left. Today, I met up with Nanny but we didn’t get...
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