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death at a funeral  Posted on 04/20/2014
This morning, I was awoken by the urgent voices of my mum, sis and aunt who were in the living room. Nenek Uda passed away earlier when Cik Ati wanted to wake her up when she was leaving for work. I had gone to bed early but spent the...
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one month and life goes on they say  Posted on 04/20/2014
It felt longer than a month since Dad’s passing but here we are on the 20th of April Easter Sunday, something totally not observed since we live in Moslem Turkiye. I know there are scores of Jews and Armenian orthodox folks somewhere...
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grief hits when you least expect it  Posted on 04/03/2014
I haven’t had much time on my own since I flew back to SG. I spent my days surrounded by my mum or aunt or the new cat Tyler we got from Fred or I would go to meet close friends who had time to sit and chat with me. Earlier this...
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one week on (wrote this on the mrt)  Posted on 03/26/2014
A week since my dad passed on. This is around the time I sat outside to take a nap and Fadila showed up. We talked about my dad and I showed her into the room when my other relatives left. Today, I met up with Nanny but we didn’t get...
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may i pass away* ?  Posted on 03/20/2014
Last nite I said goodbye to the very first man in my life. I witnessed his passing and as I lay here in a strange bed next to my mum, I try to reflect on the last 24 hours. I don’t want to edit my writing, like how I don’t want...
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homecoming stress  Posted on 01/22/2014
I leave in 3 days or so and feel a little stressed from wondering if I will overfill my bag and what I can leave out and whether there will be drama at the airport. Actually, I’ve played out a million scenarios in my head and none of...
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groundhog day  Posted on 01/14/2014
If you knew the amount of times I have gone back and forth to this certa覺n place, you too would have left th覺s country by now. How do 覺 wr覺te about 覺t w覺thout gett覺ng caught by the thought pol覺ce, 覺 heard they are crack覺ng down...
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