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Check out on my new blog  Posted on 05/21/2014
Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the interest in my blog. I have not worked in Saudi Arabia since 2011, but I still get emails from this blog. I will leave "Mike Rocks Saudi" alive as a fond memory and encourage you all to follow me...
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The End  Posted on 07/21/2011
My boots hit the hot tarmac one last time as I walked away from my Paramedic station. I couldn't help but turn my head and look back one last time as about a million thoughts went racing through my mind. I did not go home that day and...
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THUMBS UP  Posted on 06/28/2011
The heat from outside hit me like a sack of door knobs as I exited the comfort of our cozy air conditioned ambulance. It was around 115 degrees and windy but the wind felt more like a blow drier on full blast bombarding my face. I was...
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The smoking gun  Posted on 06/19/2011
I jumped over the concrete barrier and slid down an embankment with my trusty trauma bag slung over my shoulder. As I surfed down the dirt and debris in the darkness I thought to myself I was probably going to recover a body, not treat a...
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Curbside Carnage  Posted on 05/20/2011
There I sat, like a minister of death praying for war listening to the radio, I waited there hoping and wishing for a case. Our air condition had been broken for 2 days now and I sat in our sweltering hot station wallowing in my own juices...
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Easy Street  Posted on 05/01/2011
Silence..... Serenity.... The Sun was shining in the clear blue sky as a gentle breeze swept by. It had been like this for hours now and only the peaceful songs from birds off in the distance could be herd. My apathy was a distant thought...
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Break a leg  Posted on 04/16/2011
Just a quick story:I can hear the screams through the thick crowd. I do my best to push and shove my way further into the large group of on lookers thats gathered. I continue following a path destruction thats all around me. I begin honing...
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A twist of events  Posted on 03/30/2011
As I mentioned in a previous posting, we have ran so many critical calls that our minds had adapted to our environments. We could do our jobs flawlessly like robots, but at what cost? What about our empathy and caring.... Had we lost some...
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My Road safety and Seat belt presentation  Posted on 03/17/2011
It gets frustrating over here everyday with all these car accidents and unsafe driving practices. I felt compelled to do some community outreach and gave the below presentation to kids at the american international school last week. I also...
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1 survivor  Posted on 03/08/2011
The Blades from the helicopter had just stopped spinning. A small amount of dust could still be seen in the air as the moon light shined down upon us. It was a beautiful and otherwise quite night on this old rural highway. I did not have...
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  • lookingforfriend
    lookingforfriend 01 February 2011 16:52:26

    Hi Michael..how are you .hope you enjoy your time here in Saudi ....

  • schulz
    schulz 23 September 2010 15:46:30

    haha Yes, so far so good jtwomey.

    Thanks for everyones interest, hopefully I do not have to meet any of you at work! :-)

  • jtwomey
    jtwomey 23 September 2010 09:18:08

    You will either love it or hate it here!! It really is what you make of it...like anywhere. Lots of new people to meet and loads to do. Enjoy!

  • 501765410
    501765410 19 September 2010 09:28:24

    Welcome ro Saudi Michael!

  • Octavion
    Octavion 10 September 2010 09:57:44

    Hello. My name is Michael and I am leaving to Saudi Arabia in two weeks to teach English at a University. I've been reading up on different stories/blogs and it sounds like an exciting and different place. Sounds like you're having quite an adventure too! I just wanted to drop you a note telling you that I think your story is very interesting and unique. So I hope you continue to write it all down! Talk to you soon, hopefully!

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