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My personal observations on life in Kuwait

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night  Posted on 05/24/2013
I mentioned earlier about having a new camera that took better pictures in low light, thought I'd share some of the results... This is the view towards the city from the Corniche on the way from the apartment towards the MarinaAbove...
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Lights, Camera, Action! the Profetional approach...  Posted on 04/30/2013
I recently picked up a new hand held camera from home, one of its feature is it's supposed to be be better in low light situations.So last week I took it along with me to a few places..One stop near the road was this attractive...
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Life in Kuwait  Posted on 04/26/2013
Almost every day we walk along we see things that catch our attention.Recently whilst walking from the Airport terminal to the office we passed through a car park and spotted a good example of the result of bad parking...Of course this...
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Back again  Posted on 04/25/2013
Hi, I haven't blogged for sometime now. Partly because I've either been away, back to the UK for Easter, off to Bahrain for a visa run, but also because this is coming to an end. I leave Kuwait at the end of May. More on that...
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The Good, the bad and the Ugly  Posted on 03/10/2013
One thing about living in someone else's country is you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly.. so I've put a few pictures together to give an impression.The good...One thing you'd have to say for Kuwait is the shopping...
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Hitler is alive and living in......  Posted on 03/05/2013
My regular reader my remember in the past I've made a few observations about an apparent acceptance of Adolf Hitler. Maybe acceptance is the wrong word, but...Early on in my adventure I noted that the list of best sellers in the book...
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Health and Safety Special  Posted on 02/24/2013
I recently had an incident concerning Health and Safety, in fact not really and incident more a funny thing...Regular readers (both of you) may remember last year I was working at the Liberation Tower. I took what I thought was quite a...
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Out and about  Posted on 02/16/2013
Not so long ago a couple of momentous occasions happened here... my Birthday including a visit from Sharon and National Day.For one of those occasions there were flags out all over the city..One of the places we visited was the Avenues...
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Catching up  Posted on 02/13/2013
For various reasons I haven't blogged much recently, but looking on my lap top I found a few pictures I'd saved in the past as worthy of comment...The first is another great example of Engrish. I know its easy to poke fun at...
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How big?  Posted on 02/13/2013
As you know the local paper is a rich source of interest..I loved today's typo..The state of Kuwait is 17,800 square kilometres. According to this article the Red Fort, on the outskirts of the city, is 60,000!One big fort!Staying on...
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  • Tootsie57
    Tootsie57 25 June 2015 17:28:27

    Brian was me (Sally) on most of his trips.

  • Ann K. Crowley
    Ann K. Crowley 15 April 2013 02:52:40

    I am in the process of being hired by a British school for Kuwaiti children -- leadership positon in their Primary School. After working in Detroit Public Schools I figure I can handle just about anything. Your blog has been helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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