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Flying Breast Peak in January  Posted on 05/25/2009
I wasn't up to flying this day, so I went along as a driver along with a couple of other keen para-groupies... We sat at the top of the hill drinking a rather nice Pinor Noir Rose wine and nibbling some cheese while the lads and...
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Back in Nelson  Posted on 05/24/2009
So finally i put some more words on the page. I have been meaning to update this for so long, and the longer it waits the harder it is to figure out where to start. I wanted to get some photos downloaded and actually write about some of...
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12 weeks to the day  Posted on 01/25/2009
On Friday i had my first flight since the crash back on 30 October, twelve weeks after that day.We are up in the Wairarapa on holiday and so i had a short but lovely flight from a local hill here. Since then i have managed a couple more...
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Stuff I've been up to  Posted on 01/15/2009
Another big improvement in my recovery has meant that i can now do some stuff that i really love. I have been out swimming, kayaking, biking and walking now... all relatively small adventures (generally 20 mins is enough to tire my out)...
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Life in the southern hemisphere  Posted on 12/30/2008
I got back to NZ two weeks ago and this is my first attempt to update the blog, bad I know.The flight home was long (as usual) and a bit tiring (also usual), it was made challenging by the fact that I had 5 large pieces of baggage and I...
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More Lucy Happenings  Posted on 12/08/2008
Another week or so has passed and i am still on a rather too slow for my liking recovery (but at least there is progress). I have got to the point where i can walk/sit/hang out for several hours at a time which is nice.I went for a check...
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Home, Sweet Home  Posted on 11/26/2008
Almost anyway - i am staying at my mum and sister's bedsit in London. It is another good milestone to leave hospital. Another of my sisters is also here, she is helping me out and waiting for her new job to start next week.I am...
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Life in Wellington Hospital, St Johns Wood, London  Posted on 11/18/2008
So now I have access to facebook but not to my blog… these things are sent to try us. (Kris has posted this for me....)I arrived in London last Tuesday, the trip went well. I loved flying business class on the seats the lie flat and...
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I'm Leaving Delhi!!  Posted on 11/10/2008
I am off to London in the morning!!! i assume i passed my x-ray this morning cos no one said i didn't and i am now packing up (read: i am sitting in bed directing and managing while poor Kris is busy packing up). We are moving stuff...
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Quick update on my status  Posted on 11/08/2008
I am feeling better everyday, my improvement is really quite remarkable. My lung has re inflated, and now i am doing exercises to make it stronger. The pain in my lower back is slowly reducing, although i do have problems with the joints...
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