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Motherhood, Repatriation and other fictions

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Some of us will die on this land  Posted on 08/10/2013
I know it’s depressing to talk about death, loss and bereavement but some recent events made me think more and more about this topic. Sose and Allen A couple of months ago, the sudden death of a young repat couple, Sosé and...
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Canadian Adventures: Camp Tamaracouta  Posted on 07/09/2013
For as long as i remember scouting was always part of my life. I used to be a girl guide in Lebanon for a while, then when we moved to Montreal, i got involved in the movement here as a cub assistant then a leader. My nickname was Akela...
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Mima is gone, but not entirely  Posted on 06/28/2013
Finally back to Canada, with the entire family.  When we leave a place, we never really leave it completely; we just grab some parts of it and take it with us everywhere, then add some parts to it over time. We collect fragments of...
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40+  Posted on 05/26/2012
I will be 40 this year, in a couple of months. I am not usually someone who is concerned with the idea of getting old. I rarely think of myself as soon-to-be 40 year old. But oddly enough, these past weeks I have been thinking a lot about...
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Mima  Posted on 05/23/2012
Mima was born in Malatia, in 1923, maybe 1925. She doesn’t remember when exactly. She was just a little girl when her mother ran away with her to Lebanon, escaping post-genocide trauma, persecution and fear. Mima lived all her life...
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O Canada  Posted on 05/19/2012
22 years ago, i came to Canada, more specifically Montreal. Leaving war-torn Beirut behind them, my parents wanted to give us, my brothers and me, a safe haven. This city means so much to me; back then, it meant rehabilitation, building...
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Liberian Journey #3  Posted on 02/23/2012
It's only my 4th day in Monrovia and i can't believe how much i am learning from this whole experience. From governmental level to the very grass roots peace huts or community center in one of the worst slums of the world, women...
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Liberian journey #2  Posted on 02/21/2012
My second day started with an early breakfast with my colleagues; Alla from Fund Sukhumi, Georgia, Nino from Women's information Center in Tbilissi and Pervana from Yuva Center in Baku. After breakfast we were greeted by the Kvinna...
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Liberian Journey #1  Posted on 02/20/2012
It is 7am in Monrovia right now. I arrived yesterday after travelling through Vienna and an overnight in Brussels. From snowy cold Yerevan i am now in hot humid +35 C Liberia. The passenger next to me in the plane was a young man from...
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Tolerance and Social Activism: Teaching Kids the Basics  Posted on 02/04/2012
How do you create a fair and humane society if you don’t include the children in the process? Who will carry the torch? Who will guarantee its sustainability? How will the next generation learn about social responsibility if we...
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