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added on 09/09/2011 by: spanishsabores
Follow me, Lauren, a recently married expat, as I move from laid-back Sevilla to busy Madrid in search of some type of career, ideally in the food industry. I write about all food, Spanish and other, because, really, why discriminate!? I talk about adjusting to life in Spain, being married to Spaniard, the rarities of Spanish culture, and also post recipes and pictures.
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Almejas a la Marinera (Spanish Style Clams)  Posted on 12/10/2014
I love clams. Growing up in New England how could you not? Some of my best childhood memories are of the few times we went clamming in Cape Cod, an adventurous experience that involved a speed boat and hours of digging. But we...
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13 Spanish Foods to Warm You Up This Winter  Posted on 12/08/2014
Something happens to me come cold weather. I go from craving fruit juice, cold soups and white wines to polishing off stews, cakes, and pies and asking for seconds. My body seems to switch into some sort of hibernation mode– I must...
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Best Bites in New Orleans  Posted on 12/01/2014
New Orleans is an overwhelming culinary destination. It seems that nearly every restaurant in town is known for something special, and people fight tooth and nail to defend their favorite eats. But despite the difficulties narrowing down...
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Best Bites in Athens  Posted on 11/28/2014
My time in Athens was short but sweet– and I mean literally sweet since I ate more loukoumades and baklava than anyone probably ever should during a three day period. I was lucky to squeeze in a wonderful...
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Warm Spiced Sangria  Posted on 11/14/2014
This recipe for warm spiced sangria is the cocktail collision of my two homes, a bit of rural Massachusetts mixed with cosmopolitan Madrid. Delicious served hot or cold, it’s the perfect winter cocktail no matter where...
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Best Bites in Munich  Posted on 11/13/2014
Munich is a city that I could picture living in, and I rarely feel that way. Pretty and quaint, it boasts a lively central market, an enormous park, and a people who love nothing more than sitting out on a terrace with a cold...
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Athens Food Tour: Much More Than Moussaka  Posted on 11/09/2014
Walk along any of Athens’ central streets and you’re bombarded with restaurants offering “traditional Greek food”. Souvlaki, gyros, moussaka, greek salad, and baklava are peddled by smiling waiters standing in the...
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Best Fish in Basque Country: Meson Arropain  Posted on 10/27/2014
The picture perfect town of Lekeitio has more to offer than stunning views and small town charm. It’s also home to what may very well be the best fish in Basque Country– and that’s saying a lot in the food-obsessed...
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Crumb: Creative Sandwiches in Conde Duque  Posted on 10/09/2014
Conde Duque is a central Madrid neighborhood that seems to get cooler by the day– and more delicious too. New and exciting food businesses open regularly, like the Panic artisanal bread shop and the Queseria Condue...
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