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Mi Nuevo Capitulo, My New Chapter

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A Year In Photos- Round 3  Posted on 11/01/2014
So I'm gonna skip the spiel about it being a long time since I've last blogged, we all know I regret not being able to do this as often as I'd like, but sometimes life gets with or without internet (a lot to do with the...
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#YesAllWomen... Even Me  Posted on 06/14/2014
When the #YesAllWomen hashtag started going around after the Isla Vista shootings, I read the stories and agreed that it's appalling the kind of bullshit that is going on in our society, and even though there were some stories that I...
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There's Always A Story- Spring Break 2014  Posted on 04/23/2014
Spring break is here... 3 major Spanish cities and a mini tour around Northern Morocco, pinch me it's perfect... except when I remember I am me and nothing is ever perfect. So here is the story of this vacation and the string of bad...
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Le sigh...  Posted on 02/23/2014
So in the past few months this happened.As well as...Walking to the grocery store I came across a group of boys probably 13 years old and as they caught a glimpse of me me the usual phrases came out "hostia", "madre...
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S Club 7 {Student Comments #7}  Posted on 02/10/2014
Here is the most recent compilation of Student Comments (Check out # 1-- 2-- 3-- 4-- 5-- 6)My class of fourth graders are talking about daily routines. They are asking me questions:Student 1: Cathy, when do you watch TV?Me- Mmm Actually I...
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2014 (1) Nike Attitude  Posted on 02/08/2014
Here I am again in front a blank screen for a blank blog post that should soon be filled with witty and charming tales of my daily meandering around. The last time I hit "publish" on this blog was back in August, and even then...
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Extraordinary Extrajeria Extravaganza  Posted on 08/30/2013
For those of you who have not been graced with the opportunity to have to deal with foreigners' offices around the globe, you are really missing out {/end sarcasm}The ever dreadful mustard yellow building from your...
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A Year in Photos- Round Two  Posted on 08/11/2013
So last year I made a post summarizing my first year in Spain through photos and I think it's a good way to sort of keep a sort of timeline of things without being too exhausted from sifting through facebook. So here it goes Season 2...
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Stories, Pictures, Rants, and Memories [100 Posts]  Posted on 08/09/2013
Hey Readers!! So today I'm writing my 100th blog post for Mi Nuevo Capitulo, and I while looking back today exactly three years since I wrote my first post: A New Start. It's amazing to see what a transformation my blog has gone...
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  • Tozcal
    Tozcal 29 August 2011 21:41:50


    what a move...
    Good luck to you and may you encounter many lovely people to welcome you.

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