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added on 07/04/2012 by: BRMurdock
This is a blog that covers a wide range of topics on Spain and especially Madrid. Brian has lived in Spain for over twenty years and has written three books. The blog is mostly in English, but also in Spanish.
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Dorset: North of Spain. 8  Posted on 03/14/2014
We visited a souvenir shop on the way out, picked out a few postcards we ended up not ever sending, snacked on a soft ice cream cone and then plotted out the next couple of hours.  We walked down the pretty streets of Salisbury...
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IMAGES OF SPAIN: The “telefonillo”  Posted on 02/28/2014
First of all, just coming up with an acceptable equivalent in English seems to be a challenge for translators around the world.  Go to linguee.com, a well-intended but often errant translating reference service which, instead of...
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Helping You Locate Barcelona  Posted on 01/25/2014
Everyone once in a while I dabble in a little nationalism-bashing, not because I am wholly against the idea of fighting for independence if that is what the collective feels and believes, nor do I dispute the historical justification for...
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Cheers for Fears  Posted on 01/06/2014
The sun has emerged somewhat for the first time all year, which is only five days old, mind you, but since this isn’t Vancouver, it seems like an eternity to Madrid.  I wouldn’t quite go as far as to say it’s sunny,...
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Taxis and Schumi  Posted on 01/04/2014
I was relieved to find out that Madrid’s public transport system had decided not to jack up its prices again as a way of ringing in the New Year.  Once a haven for the economically and ecologically minded, like so many other...
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Faith in a World that Makes Sense  Posted on 01/04/2014
Jetlag and drizzle has dominated the dawn days of the year.  The former was good for the first night since it was New Year’s Eve and I could make it through much of the night feeling almost like a true Spaniard.  I have...
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Shake Your Booty  Posted on 01/02/2014
You have to hand it to the Spanish.  They sure know how to make the most of any festive occasion, even when there isn’t any apparent one to be found.  They pull it out of their asses and turn an otherwise subdued atmosphere...
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San Silvestre – Running on Full  Posted on 12/31/2013
December 31st isn’t just about raising a glass of cheer to the New Year, nor does it have only to do with wolfing down twelve grapes at midnight, though both stand out in participation and zeal.  In many parts of Spain, and in...
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Images of Spain: Hanging out the Wash  Posted on 12/01/2013
There it is.  One fine display of clothes clipped neatly on a sagging line of nylon rope and dangling in the foreground of the elevator in one of our patios interiores.  It could be located in any one of a thousand buildings. I...
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