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added on 07/04/2012 by: BRMurdock
This is a blog that covers a wide range of topics on Spain and especially Madrid. Brian has lived in Spain for over twenty years and has written three books. The blog is mostly in English, but also in Spanish.
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Christmas 2014 – All’s Well That Ends Well  Posted on 12/07/2014
It’s pretty incredible just how quickly we put bad memories behind us.  When we want to.  When we can.      Just yesterday I was on my way to meet up with some writers for a drink, because that is what...
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The Consulta  Posted on 11/11/2014
Well, it’s come and gone, and I can’t quite say where it’ll go from here.  It seems like little was settled, as both sides will not budge when it comes to admitting victory or defeat.  If anything, it’ll...
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Images of Spain: Street Advertising  Posted on 08/01/2014
Never has the term been so aptly employed.  I saw this the other day outside one of Spain’s employment offices, known as INEM here.  Fortunately, I wasn’t there as a client, so to speak, English teachers have remained...
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Images of Spain: The air conditioner  Posted on 07/30/2014
I was away in the States for over a month and the sad thing was I didn’t even have a chance to write about a thing, though there was plenty to write about, I can assure you.  There always is.  About everything. ...
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Dorset: North of Spain 10  Posted on 05/01/2014
The logical thing to do when returning is to take the same route from whence we came, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  This is especially true when you are traveling with kids, because they generally don’t appreciate...
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Madrid, Mon Amour  Posted on 04/21/2014
I woke this morning to the sound a misty rain blanketing the sky.  What a relief!  Well, for once we had a Semana Santa without having to pull out the umbrellas every day, and the procession floats didn’t have to kick it...
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Dorset: North of Spain. 8  Posted on 03/14/2014
We visited a souvenir shop on the way out, picked out a few postcards we ended up not ever sending, snacked on a soft ice cream cone and then plotted out the next couple of hours.  We walked down the pretty streets of Salisbury...
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IMAGES OF SPAIN: The “telefonillo”  Posted on 02/28/2014
First of all, just coming up with an acceptable equivalent in English seems to be a challenge for translators around the world.  Go to linguee.com, a well-intended but often errant translating reference service which, instead of...
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