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added on 07/04/2012 by: BRMurdock
This is a blog that covers a wide range of topics on Spain and especially Madrid. Brian has lived in Spain for over twenty years and has written three books. The blog is mostly in English, but also in Spanish.
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The 30 Days of Christmas 23  Posted on 01/23/2015
There is a way to make it stop. A way to get out it. A place to go when you feel just can’t eat anymore. It’s not home because that’s where all the turrón is, lying there on some shiny ceramic platter just begging...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 22  Posted on 01/19/2015
It’s not always easy to name a single dish to be THE quintessential Christmas dinner, unlike turkey on Thanksgiving, but I can promise you one thing that quite possibly one of the very last choices that would have come to mind would...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 21  Posted on 01/16/2015
You know, you can say what you want, but I still can’t figure out how in God’s name the Dutch ever reached the conclusion that St. Nicholas spent most of the year in Spain. It’s probably not half as baffling as the...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 20  Posted on 01/16/2015
I usually go for a quiet, often solitary walk in the Retiro around six in the evening. It is so peaceful at that time of day. The cars cruising around the perimeter of the park sound far away and harmless; the way they do after a fresh...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 19  Posted on 01/14/2015
I knocked off my last bits of shopping satisfied I had ulfilled my duties as a generous human being, and comforted by the thought that if I hadn’t managed to find just the right thing for that special person in my life, I could...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 18  Posted on 01/11/2015
If you ever wanted to do a study on just how human behavior buckles under the untold stress of shopping duress, I suggest you stop by the seafood section of the Corte Inglés Department Store supermarket at around 10:15 a.m. on...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 17  Posted on 01/10/2015
Christmastime, though most people are unaware of this, is actually broken up into two main periods: Advent and Christmastide. The former is the four weeks that lead up to the day that represents the birth of the Christian savior and the...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 16  Posted on 01/10/2015
I was hungry. But for something else. I had dreamed about the winning number. Well, at least the last digit of the winning number. It was the number 7. The other four figures had escaped me, so I was still at a pretty big disadvantage. At...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 15  Posted on 01/08/2015
Rice was not the only thing that we had the previous night. Naturally. The guest could also find plates of Spanish potato omelets, bowls of ensaladilla rusa, which is a kind of Spanish version (with a Russian name) of the potato salad;...
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The 30 Days of Christmas 14  Posted on 01/07/2015
Many of my friends were turning forty this year and celebrating it as if they had no plans of reaching forty-one. On top of that, each and every one had to be greeted with a surprise party to the extreme that my daughter finally told me,...
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