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A fig from Figueres

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added on 15/07/2008 by: Colin Barker
Humorous account of trials and tribulations experienced by an English Couple as they relocate to Spain, or is it Catalunya. The weird and wonderful differences that make life so unpredictable, frustrating and sometimes just plain funny . Learning how to be a foreigner in a new land, the Alt Empordà countryside, land of Dali in Northern Girona,Spain.

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Train à Grande Vitesse or TGV  Posted on 01/08/2007
Train à Grande Vitesse or TGV or even TAV as some will have it will be stopping at Figueres after all. A new railway station will be built in the Culubert area of the city. The area is south of the the castle and east of the...
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Devil got the best tunes  Posted on 12/22/2006
David Baddeil the comedian and writer admitted whilst on television that having reached public school, he was all set on being a punk rocker until the day he heard Genesis on the radio and then he was [smitten] hooked. How relieved were...
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My chauffeur is elegant!  Posted on 12/11/2006
“Delivery will be 60€, I’m sorry but here in Spain it is unusual for delivery to be included, we have to employ a chauffeur with his own camion and it is expensive. How do you say camion in English?” “We would...
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Aquí no hay quien viva  Posted on 11/27/2006
One of the best of the Spanish situation comedy television offerings is Aquí no hay quien viva a show about a group of residents sharing an apartment block in Spain’s capital Madrid. The bizarre situations that arise allow...
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Girona  Posted on 11/24/2006
The city of Girona is only 35 minutes away from Figueres though parking your car in the city can take twice as long. There are no free parking places in Girona’s centre and all in all you are far better to let the train take the...
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Gonna get myself connected  Posted on 11/24/2006
Sometime soon WiFi could solve our Internet connection problems. Ah! Mañana the Spanish equivalent of never never land.Life in a small village on the edge of a city sharpens your perspective on the divide between town and country...
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El Neng  Posted on 10/31/2006
Murton village on the A19 near Sunderland boasts a new shopping centre the Dalton Park retail outlet. And here I am in the centre car park just three days after returning to the U.K. for a short visit. I am looking at a car which displays...
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True Grit!  Posted on 10/22/2006
It is 1155am on a warm autumn morning and I have just enough time to deliver my package to Eduardo in the city before the long siesta begins at 1 o’clock. Tomorrow I will be travelling and will not have enough time to meet with up...
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Temperature gauge  Posted on 07/23/2006
I now have a more reliable weather forcaster or rather team of forcasters. They are the Geckos who gather each evening around the exterior lights of the Villa. Once the lights are switched on the insects which make up their food supply...
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What on earth is that?  Posted on 07/21/2006
Spanish market places are a delight. You will be amazed at the variety and quality of the local produce on offer. Wonderful fresh vegatables that somehow seem to miss the tourist menu. The numerous varieties of pulses and dried fruit on...
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