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Update  Posted on 09/08/2010
I know it's been awhile since I posted, but life has been hectic. I've had comments asking how we are doing and sad to say, not well.My love and I separated a year ago and our divorce was final in May.He still lives in my city,...
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Welcome to the world of work  Posted on 07/12/2008
My love has gotten a good "starter" job at a local nationwide discount chain. This will give him the opportunity to work on his English and get out amongst people. He is such a friendly, people person that it has been hard for...
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He is here!  Posted on 05/01/2008
My love is finally here in America with me. He flew in last Wednesday, due in large part to the efforts of Senator David Vitter and Congressman Jim McCreary's offices. I am so grateful to the staff of these true public servants.This...
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Whiny,whiny,whiny  Posted on 03/22/2008
Well............ My love is all ready for his interview for his visa to come here. Only now the embassy is not scheduling interviews as people keep trying to BURN the damn place down!No, really. They say it will be a month before they...
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I Found It!  Posted on 03/02/2008
I found a job! A very good one, in fact with a major department store here in Shreveport. There are several ladies working there from Eastern Europe and Russia and I am so excited to meet and speak with them all.I sent in the papers on...
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February Update  Posted on 02/06/2008
I'm still looking for that elusive job. I have all kinds of applications all over town in Shreveport and Bossier City. I pray that something opens up for me soon. I know the perfect job is out there, I just have to find it.Things are...
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Update  Posted on 01/18/2008
Well, I haven't had any luck finding a good paying job in Longview, so I am now looking in my old hometown of Shreveport, LA.Longview is such a great little town...friendly people, not a lot of traffic, clean, etc. Problem is, because...
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Greetings From Longview Texas  Posted on 12/17/2007
I am in Longview, TX now. I have been here for about 2 weeks. I am living with my parents...starting over. My husband is still in Novi Sad. We are waiting for papers from a former student of his who will co-sponsor him with me. I am also...
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Heading Home  Posted on 11/26/2007
This weekend I will be returning to American to get a job and an apartment and wait for my husband's visa to come through so he can join me.There is something about this time of the year. Last year, I returned to America for the...
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St. Luke Slava  Posted on 11/09/2007
On Oct. 31, my new husband and I went to my Kum's house to celebrate his Patron Saint St. Luke's slava.The slava is a Serbian Orthodox tradition. The family celebrates their Patron Saint every year. Each family has their own...
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