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Chick-fil-A  Posted on 05/04/2015
Today I took Baby Boy to an event at Chick-fil-A. We had an absolute blast. I've never been in a Chick-fil-A before but they really made this experience special. When we arrived, the kids all coloured their own aprons and paper hats...
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What a Weekend!  Posted on 05/03/2015
This weekend, the boys partied like rockstars! ZoobileeOn Friday night we went to a party for zoo members called "Zoobilee". It was pretty amazing. The party started at 5:00 p.m. and the line to get in was very long....but it...
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R.I.P. Camera (I think)  Posted on 04/30/2015
You may recall that a few weeks ago I dropped my camera and now the lens will not close. I finally took it to a camera repair shop last Thursday. The shop is very highly rated on Yelp. It is also a complete dump in a crumbling strip mall....
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Elephant Pedicure  Posted on 04/25/2015
On Friday, I took Baby Boy and Little Boy to the zoo because Little Boy had the day off school. When I arrived at the zoo I was concerned because even though we were within 15 minutes of opening time the parking lot was full. When you walk...
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Names  Posted on 04/24/2015
Yesterday on the way to school, Little Boy asked me what some houses were named. I told him usually only grand houses have names and these are regular houses so they probably don't have names. He said "no, not normal names like...
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Terrible Afternoon at the Playground  Posted on 04/22/2015
The other day as I was starting to walk home with Little Boy he asked if we could go to the playground. I said "no". He said "remember this morning you promised?" I did remember and I don't like to break a promise...
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A strange thing happened in the Starbucks bathroom....  Posted on 04/21/2015
...only they call them "restrooms" here.I was in Starbucks yesterday and Baby Boy wanted to use the toilet. I took him into the ladies bathroom (clearly a single toilet in a single room) and locked the door.About a minute later...
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Busy Weekend....Again!  Posted on 04/20/2015
Last weekend my husband was scheduled to do the BP MS 150 bike challenge. Unfortunately, due to bad weather that left the campsites sloppy, the first day of the ride was cancelled. We had to re-arrange our plans, but he rode the second...
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Coconut Water  Posted on 04/16/2015
What's the deal with coconut water?A couple of new recipes I've tried call for coconut water. It's showing up in all of the grocery stores and lots of people are talking about it.I bought some coconut water and tasted it - I...
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Freezer Jam  Posted on 04/15/2015
Today I made freezer jam with a friend. Yesterday my friend went out to a farm and picked fresh strawberries for our jam and today we cleaned them up and made them into nice jars of freezer jam. It was pretty easy and it didn't take...
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  • Helind
    Helind 29 June 2012 21:33:10

    I would like to live and study my children in Scotland, so I wanted to know if is easy to come there, to find work and home. I will appreciate your help. Thank You

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