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Wonderwild - Houston Heights Location  Posted on 08/20/2014
Yesterday I took Big Boy for a play at Wonderwild in the Heights (gowonderwild.com/index.php/the-heights/). Wonderwild is an indoor play centre. It is divided into two sides - Wonderwild for younger children (ages 8 and under) and...
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Big Boy and Harry Potter  Posted on 08/20/2014
Last night, Big Boy finished reading "Harry Potter at the Philosopher's Stone" (the first "Harry Potter" book). I am so proud of him - it's a major reading accomplishment! Reading the book (on Kindle) has...
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Measure Once, Cut Twice.....Right?  Posted on 08/19/2014
Today I set to a sewing task....making Little Boy a pillow case for his nap pillow at school. Over the weekend I purchased and washed the fabric and today I just needed to cut, iron, pin, and sew. I didn't bother with a patterns...
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Baby Boy is Learning  Posted on 08/18/2014
Baby Boy is very curious about food. He has a nibble of everything I eat to see if he likes it. When we are eating he wants to try all of the sauces and spices we add to the food, whether appropriate for a toddler or not! Tonight for...
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Slow Cooker Chicken (....and then Chicken Corn Chowder)  Posted on 08/16/2014
I cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker this week. It was my first time cooking a whole chicken this way....I reviewed a bunch of recipes first and I combined them and made up my own recipe and method. I cut up an onion and laid it in...
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Baby Boy's First Day of School  Posted on 08/14/2014
This morning Baby Boy was a mess. He woke up very early and was super grouchy. He had a tantrum at my feet while I was making lunches and he was fussy. Once I dressed him for school and put on his backpack he had grown quiet - I think he...
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First Day of School Interview - Baby Boy  Posted on 08/14/2014
Baby Boy - About to Start Mother's Day Out1. I am 32 inches tall and I weigh nearly 25 pounds.2. My favourite thing to play is: A game3. My favourite colour is: Yellow4. My favourite book is: Book (but he loves the Robert Munsch...
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Little Boy's First Day of School  Posted on 08/14/2014
Today, Little Boy went to his new school for the first time. He was very uncomfortable to begin with....he fussed during all of the initial organization assembly in the school gym and then started crying really hard when we left him in his...
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First Day of School Interview - Little Boy  Posted on 08/13/2014
Over the next few weeks all 3 of my boys will be starting school. To kick the school year off I will be interviewing each of them when they start school....I have no idea what they will say, but it might be good for a laugh or sweet to...
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Post 1000  Posted on 08/13/2014
This is my one thousandth post. I am still enjoying this blog and I like keeping track of our lives. I feel like someday I will look on this as a written memory book of this period of our lives and I hope to continue....
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  • Helind
    Helind 29 June 2012 21:33:10

    I would like to live and study my children in Scotland, so I wanted to know if is easy to come there, to find work and home. I will appreciate your help. Thank You

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