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the long way back  Posted on 08/01/2014
From 15 weeks to 25 weeks – something tells me I will not be able to wear this top when I’m 35 weeks… without showing some skin that is! This pregnancy thing, comrades, is really something. With fifteen weeks left to go...
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Maternity Leave for Graduate Students [?]  Posted on 07/26/2014
There is no paid or unpaid maternity leave in the USA. Everybody knows that. But knowing this sad fact about American life does not help pregnant ladies with making decisions about how to care for their nascent newborn. Even if the country...
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The Diakonissa Diaries  Posted on 06/30/2014
Now the silence on my blog has lasted for almost four months – the reason is certainly that after my last post [dated March 7 2014], a piece of news changed life as I have come to know it forever… On March 8 my husband gave me...
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something old, something new…  Posted on 03/08/2014
Something old: a gold bracelet from my maternal grandmother. Something new: my wedding dress – view from behind… Something borrowed: a cross from my lovely friend K. who came for my wedding and spent almost two weeks with us...
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a lonely angel  Posted on 01/19/2014
A roadside memorial site in Napa Valley. January 2014. During the first week of the new year I went for a walk in Napa Valley. It was my second time there; the first time was on my 23rd birthday. I came across a roadside memorial site with...
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2014 is not 2000  Posted on 01/07/2014
On the way to the evening service in church on Christmas Eve – which for us Orthodox is on January 6 – I thought about the year 2000 and what I imagined my life would be like when the first year of the new millennium arrived....
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Can a woman be in exile?  Posted on 12/30/2013
The Pacific Ocean outside San Francisco in December 2013. The title of this blog entry is a question, “Can a woman be in exile?”, and should be accompanied by a subheading: A third of my life lived abroad. In December 2013 I am...
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“The Diplomat’s Wife”  Posted on 12/17/2013
She named the first part of her story The Diplomat’s Wife because it seemed to encompass the most without telling anything really.  “The Diplomat’s Wife” a programmatic novella in three parts by L. J. Lundblad...
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a special season  Posted on 12/14/2013
There’s only one season of every year when I bake and that’s for Christmas. We began with traditional Swedish pepparkakor in preparation for first of Advent [according to the New Calendar] as soon as Thanksgiving was over....
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