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Foreign Infatuation

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added on 09/11/2011 by: radiofoot
An English teacher who got a bit bored one day and decided to join the Legion. Got bored of that and am now sitting around writing up and reminiscing old times.
 tags: alcohol, debauchery, french foreign legion, partying, teaching english

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Recipes For Tired (& Broke) Teachers : Chicken Moussaka  Posted on 08/22/2012
Busto again. No work until September and trying to grind out life on $5 a day.Gone are the days of eating out at restaurants every other day or getting da bitches to cook up something. I've found myself back in the kitchen, and armed...
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Parting the Red Sea (Nuweiba - Aqaba)  Posted on 06/22/2012
After waiting for around 2 hours in the departure 'lounge', excitement started to spread across the room and hordes pushed there way towards the double doors where we had set up camp.It was as if aid had arrived, and masses of...
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Bye Bye Sinai (Dahab to Nuweiba)  Posted on 06/17/2012
So, the wait in the departure lounge is over; I'm leaving Dahab en-route to Nuweiba, where I'll catch the ferry to Jordan. It was a pleasant stay, full of doing absolutely nothing. For those who don't know, Dahab is regarded...
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The Road to Perdition  Posted on 06/10/2012
So, thank fuck for that. Another chapter finished, and another beginning to leap from. I've just escaped from a stint at the called dogs bollocks of language schools and can safely say it's the worst place I've ever worked...
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'Russian Winter' - First Chapter  Posted on 12/08/2011
The blog's been on hold... But in the last few weeks I've been working on putting together a little story. Here's the first-ish chapter, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!The mammoth 22:38 train shrieked to a halt,...
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Making Ends Meet  Posted on 09/19/2011
It was a Monday or something when I was laying in bed with a hangover. My phone was ringing, and I struggled to locate it amongst the covers and a crumpled mind. I had no idea who could've been ringing me, and I hadn't really...
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Lucky Escapes  Posted on 08/13/2011
I found this in my huge collection of draft entries I never bothered finishing. After somehow getting my laptop back, after it was stolen, by the police the other day, I thought now'd be a good time to write up some other lucky...
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The Space in Between  Posted on 07/31/2011
Sorry about the delay in between posts if anybody's actually still reading out there.,So back in May I left Vodkaberg for Polskaland, bringing my Russian stint to an end. In between then and my previous post I managed to go on an...
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How to Find a TEFL Gig  Posted on 03/28/2011
After a hungover mess of a morning with a shitty class, I revealed my desire to leave come the finishing of my contract. There wasn't actually any date set on the contract, but the boss had it in mind that I should be here for 9...
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