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Foreign Infatuation

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added on 09/11/2011 by: radiofoot
An English teacher who got a bit bored one day and decided to join the Legion. Got bored of that and am now sitting around writing up and reminiscing old times.
 tags: alcohol, debauchery, french foreign legion, partying, teaching english

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Top Choice College Courses  Posted on 03/30/2015
Are you considering a higher education? There is a college course program available for almost any field of interest. Either classes online or at a campus you can easily find the right program for your career goals.Business and MBA...
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Online College Degree In Education  Posted on 03/30/2015
An Online degree in Education has come of age and many students of the degree, especially those in the teaching profession, have found it much better and convenient than having to physically attend lectures in an institution of learning....
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Getting the Best Online College Education  Posted on 03/24/2015
While there is always a lot of debate as to whether an online college education is as good as a traditional college education, the answer is really very simple; there are good institutions that offer an online college education and there...
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Tips on Selecting The Best Online Graduate Program  Posted on 03/24/2015
We are all familiar with the traditional system of education where we go to a college in person, fulfill the attendance requirements, take exams and earn a degree. The new system allows you to earn educational degrees online. This is for...
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Math games for kids can be rewarding  Posted on 03/23/2015
Math games for kids can be rewarding - I can tell you that I was never a Math wiz. Speaking from experience, there are students in every math class that find it hard to understand some math concepts while others simply hate math. I was a...
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5 Reasons to Use Math Games For Kids  Posted on 03/23/2015
Math games for kids are certainly a hit. Parents like the concept since it helps their children engage in the subject and develop math skills at a young age. Teachers also utilize mathematics games for kids to get introduce new topics or...
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Best strategy to teach math To The Students  Posted on 03/23/2015
Before implementing the best strategy to teach math they should create a learning environment where the students feel motivated to learn and comfortable in their learning setup.The math subject is the least favorite subject among all other...
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College Study Tips: Work Smarter, Not Harder  Posted on 03/21/2015
Here are some benefits to studying for your college classes the right way: more leisure time, less stress, less pressure from your parents, less debt, better grades, and better career opportunities. Sound worthwhile? That doesn't mean...
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Study Tips for College  Posted on 03/21/2015
Study Tips for College - We are living in an information age that is gradually moving towards a knowledge society. In this transitional age, you must study smarter in order to stand out from the crowd. To get an edge over your competitors,...
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Choosing the best private school for your child  Posted on 03/21/2015
As a parent, you want the best for your children. And because you play an important role in their education, you are given the task to choose the best private school that would help you shape your child's future. This endeavor...
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