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B – BILLIE.D  Posted on 09/12/2014
Meet one of my best friends and inspiration for style and cooking. I teach her about vitamin sea, she teaches me about healthy food. Because really – you are what you eat. Don’t be fast, easy or fake! We all have to eat, but to...
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B – 5AM  Posted on 09/02/2014
You might have noticed that I love the sea. I’m also a huge fan of the sun who isn’t? So the combination of sun + sea in early mornings is my holy moment as you can imagine. I have seen the sunrise often in a tipsy state, but...
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B – SHUFFLING  Posted on 08/30/2014
Kimono ZARA / bikini JENNYFER / sunnies STREETSELLER The tangled fringes of my new fancy kimono reminds me of my overactive ADD-head. My racing mind is never still, just like the sea. The sea is my drug, we understand each other. Or it...
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B – 53  Posted on 08/26/2014
PH. beautiful cousin Féline For the 53th time in a row we had our daily coffee fix and we went for a swim at my favourite spot. As always we start our days like this- doing nothing, followed by doing a little something and ending up...
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B – WAITING  Posted on 08/21/2014
Shoes XPADRILLES /  pants GINA TRICOT / top RIVER ISLAND MEN / belt-headband-bracelet-necklace-homedecoration THAILAND / bag THAILAND After all the safety first  conversations I’v had with my friend J he finally...
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B – CARING  Posted on 08/18/2014
For the people who are enjoying the radiated tuna filled with mercury and oil- start caring or there won’t be any fish left! But not only that: No ocean; no life support system. No water; no life. No blue; no green. Every drop of...
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B – HUNGOVER  Posted on 08/14/2014
Shoes PULL&BEAR skirt PULL&BEAR shirt MONKI water KRISTAL I hate hangovers and try to avoid them at all costs by drinking lots of water. But august in Malta gives me this chronic hangover and no, it has nothing to do with the...
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B – HUMID  Posted on 08/07/2014
Palm shade – limestone building – EYE promotion – low energy face – beautiful Gozo – motto – hot dog – serene sea – Juuls lunch It’s gettin humid in here.. So take off all your clothes...
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B – TAIA  Posted on 08/05/2014
Pretty power-woman from Russia designed this awesome outfit I’m wearing in the second photo. Say hi to my talented friend Alicia, wife of Mr. Schembri and mother of her own fashion label TAIA. Let’s find out more...
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B – LIKEAGIRL  Posted on 07/22/2014
 dungarees GUESS / flip-flops BIRKENSTOCK / shirt H&M / backpack PRIMARK / cap ADIDAS / sunnies RAY BAN / ph. JOHNN TAILERR This video shows that likeagirl is sort of an insult, to hummiliate a weak human being – or...
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    Like this blog, its fun ;-)

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