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Recovered Baptist

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added on 04/12/2012 by: Beardj2012
This began as a general/all-purpose blog and included humor, political rants, recipes, book reviews, etc. Now that I have moved to Luxembourg and am looking to teach English, it will chronicle that as well. Check it out!
 tags: Book Review, Cooking, Expat Journal, Humor, Politics

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Layover in Zurich  Posted on 03/16/2014
I realize this may be a surprise to many, but Luxembourg City is not a major airport hub. Though an advantage of living here is that the city is centrally located within Europe, a downside is that most flights must be routed through larger...
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Toledo: Day Trip from Madrid  Posted on 02/03/2014
For anyone staying in Madrid for at least three days, I would highly recommend a day trip out to Toledo. It is only about 30 miutes away by train, and is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in Europe so far (it is currently tied...
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Luxembourg Christmas Markets 2013  Posted on 12/23/2013
The Christmas markets of Luxembourg City were one of the first things I wrote about upon arriving here, so I felt compelled to bookend my one year anniversary by celebrating them again. They begin popping up around the end of November, so...
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Doctor Who 50th Celebration (London)  Posted on 11/30/2013
As a blogger who posts a lot of travel photos (the 21st Century equivalent of forcing your friends to watch your vacation slideshow) and vegan recipes (who doesn’t love those?), I am clearly quite in tune with the kinds of things...
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Brussels and Walibi  Posted on 11/10/2013
The week prior to Halloween, my partner and I discovered there is an amusement park outside of Brussels called Walibi. The park was having a Halloween celebration, complete with zombies and “haunted” houses. We are both roller...
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Ghent, Belgium: Mainly for Beer  Posted on 11/09/2013
For a year now, we have been just a few short hours away from some stunning Belgian cities (and even more stunning Belgian beer). However, I am ashamed to say that–other than a short stopover on our way to London last Christmas...
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Atheists Are Cold and Closed-Minded. Allegedly.  Posted on 11/09/2013
Sometimes I forget that I’m no longer a competitive debater (a high school activity I adored, but which sadly ended more than 20 years ago), and will spend more time than I care to admit engaging with total strangers about random...
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