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Vita Sogno

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added on 15/07/2008 by: Darla Bruno
I stumbled upon a great blog recently called Vita da Sogno -- it chronicles the adventures of an Italian-American woman, Darla, as she explores and makes her way through Italy. Full of videos, pictures and excellent descriptions of her encounters and travels. I highly recommend visiting her blog. Darla is an excellent writer and captures the essence of Italy not only with her digital photos and videos, but with her well thought out prose and fluid writing style.

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vita-29-12-13  Posted on 12/29/2013
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If it weren't for . . .  Posted on 06/26/2008
. . . this Web site , and the fact that the person linked to it never responded to my e-mail, I may not have clicked on this Web site to find out if someone there knew anything about the place I found doing an internet search when I was...
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On Newsstands Near You (My Debut Column)  Posted on 05/24/2008
Well, pretty much in Italy and wherever they stock foreign press. (Click to enlarge :)) See it online: Click HereAssisi; Italy; Travel; Italian; wine; Umbria; Rome; Perugia; Gubbio; Bologna; Venice; Vasto; Abruzzo; Italian Food; Italian...
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Testaccio's Big Bad Bakery  Posted on 01/22/2008
This place is intimidating! Try going in there at lunch time. It's four deep at the counter and people are gesturing and the people behind the counter are hustling... And it's no wonder why . . . when you have ricotta cakes that...
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What's For Lunch?  Posted on 01/22/2008
I didn’t actually know until after I bought most of the ingredients to prepare it. At the market yesterday morning, I was struck by this strange, springy vegetable that I’d never seen before . . . I was eager to try it, so I...
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The Humble Cavalo Nero  Posted on 01/21/2008
I'm really into the winter greens right now. I go daily to the market just to stare at what's out there and talk to people about how to prepare things.My father requested that I take a photo of cavalo nero, which he's been...
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Back in Rome . . .  Posted on 01/19/2008
Where the clothes are hung out to dry mid-January . . . Assisi; Italy; Travel; Italian; wine; Umbria; Rome; Perugia; Gubbio; Bologna; Venice; Vasto; Abruzzo; Italian Food; Italian cooking; Napoli; Amalfi Coast; Capri; Positano; Italian...
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