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Silence is Golden  Posted on 01/30/2013
Il Gatto’ di Patate  To say that one can scamper up steps to the hamlet of Nocelle tucked inside the hillside above Positano would be stretching the truth just a little.  Over one thousand two hundred steep mountain steps...
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Buon Natale  Posted on 12/25/2012
  Buon Natale a tutti! We had a delicious lunch on the terrace in the warm sunshine and are about to take a walk on the beach to work it off on the stairs. A very Happy Christmas in Positano.   I wish you all peace and serenity...
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Fire in Positano  Posted on 08/22/2012
I wake to an unearthly yellow light and the throb of a chopper overhead. Sunlight is lost to a haze in the air, and an acrid smell of smoke clings to the washing hung out overnight. Ashes scatter as I throw open the terrace doors and a...
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Sunday In Positano  Posted on 07/08/2012
  It is early morning. The rustle of sheets gently nudges me out of my dream. But it is only the swell of sea breathing softly against the shoreline. As always I wake from one dream to another. I look towards Fornillo Beach and have...
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The Dark Side of Positano  Posted on 04/30/2012
Getting down the stairs at night was an enterprise. Blinking lights like an airport runway, turned on and off repeatedly only to reappear millimetres from where we were about to place our foot next. Each of our steps was a hovering...
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Positano = Paradise  Posted on 04/18/2012
In case you thought that I may have died and gone to heaven, I sort of did, just not in that order. Waking up in Positano some days, is like looking out to paradise. But my laptop died so I couldn’t post this when I took it. Just to...
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The Donut Beauty Pageant.  Posted on 12/24/2011
Few of you will be aware of this, but in the midst of Christmas celebrations in Positano, a very special Festa takes place with contestants vying for a prize for sponginess, taste and hole-liness. La Festa della Zeppola in Positano is a...
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The Gift.  Posted on 12/07/2011
I was in the kitchen and I discerned the thud of a soft tread of footsteps running down the stairs past my window. Not having heard the wrought iron gate clank on opening, I was sure it would be someone familiar with the house. As I pulled...
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Positano – Playground of the rich  Posted on 08/01/2011
A plethora of yachts dots the harbour these days. The uncertain weather, the threat of rain and  consequential cold water hinders no one intent on enjoying a privileged holiday on luxury boats which look like they came straight out of...
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