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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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Can It Be...  Posted on 04/21/2014
Can it be that I have FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life? I've been moping around quite a bit these last few weeks because I'm fairly settled in everything I have going on and I'm not exactly thrilled with...
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Cruisin'  Posted on 04/21/2014
Sigh. I just returned from a 5 day/ 4 night cruise with my boyfriend. It was wonderful. There isn't a whole lot to share since we spent 90% of our time lounging, eating, or drinking.We flew down to Miami on Sunday and spent the night...
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Productivity  Posted on 04/11/2014
I am weird. On so many levels. For the most part, though, I understand the weirdness. The one thing I don't get is my weirdness with work. I feel like everywhere I go, everyone around me is working furiously and I'm always bored....
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Left Behind  Posted on 04/10/2014
I have always been the one to bounce around from place to place. I've been the one to leave family and friends behind for a year at a time. I've always been so focused on adventuring that I never really worried about leaving...
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Lamest Blog Post Ever...  Posted on 04/09/2014
Sometimes I wonder if I'm better off keeping my mouth shut and just pretending I'm not such a huge dork. But that would basically go against all dork-ly instincts so instead I just try to embrace it. My newest dork obsession?...
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Greatness  Posted on 04/03/2014
Is it incredibly conceited of me to believe that I am destined to do something great? Perhaps it's simply more delusional. Maybe I am just living up to every stereotype of a millennial. I struggle on a daily basis to accept what I am...
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Patience  Posted on 03/27/2014
It is amazing to me that after being alive for 26 years, there are so many things that I still have yet to learn. The biggest one I am working on now (and one that I think most people already have a handle on by this point) is patience....
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First Steps  Posted on 03/19/2014
Following on what I wrote about two days ago, I am trying to figure out a few things I can do to hopefully better motivate me to write. I'm sure by building this list I'm actually just postponing carrying them out, but I'm...
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Jinx  Posted on 03/17/2014
I may have jinxed myself yesterday. The woman who was supposed to have a baby in a month decided to have it on Friday instead. We had a single one hour meeting on the various tasks I was going to be covering for her but we left it at,...
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Passion Part Two  Posted on 03/17/2014
I wrote a post a while back, lamenting the fact that I felt like I had nothing I was passionate about. I enjoy a wide variety of activities, but I couldn't think of that one thing that I was good at and could pursue as my...
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  • Essie 15 February 2012 23:07:25

    I'm really into it, tnahks for this great stuff!

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