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Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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$60,000 in Debt: Month 11  Posted on 04/09/2015
Nothing big happening this month money-wise. I'm getting close to a few big things like my trip to Europe and possibly buying a car (I know, I know, worst thing to do when trying to decrease debt!) so I'm trying to keep my money...
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Weekend in Pictures  Posted on 04/08/2015
Friday was beautiful and despite there still being quite a bit of snow on the ground, we spent most of the afternoon outside. This was the first time it actually felt like spring. The rest of the weekend including Easter were much cooler,...
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A Very Extroverted Weekend  Posted on 03/30/2015
I love my friends, but I could easily go several weekends in a row without seeing anybody and being completely happy with that. But, in my attempt to do everything possible to keep myself busy during the deployment, I have been trying to...
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Blog Mood Swings  Posted on 03/27/2015
I apologize to anyone who checks this blog on a regular basis for the almost hourly formatting changes I was doing. I got tired of the old layout but really struggled to find something new I liked. I felt like a teenager trying a new...
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Welcome to the World Little Baby Otto  Posted on 03/24/2015
One of the biggest things I missed while living in Ireland was having a dog. I would get so jealous of people out walking their dogs that I decided as soon as I got home I was going to adopt one. My boyfriend is currently going through...
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Workout Plan  Posted on 03/23/2015
After I finished my sessions with my trainer at the gym back in January, I knew I needed to do something to make sure I kept up with the progress I had made. I thought back to my half marathon training days and knew some type of schedule...
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Past Life Regression: Part 4  Posted on 03/21/2015
Part 1Part 2Part 3We then moved on to the last life during this session. Again, she asked me to imagine a door and to go through it. I was immediately transported to the beach. It was a dreary and overcast day, but beautiful. I sat in the...
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Past Life Regression: Part 3  Posted on 03/18/2015
Part 1Part 2After feeling like I got the message that the last past life was trying to tell me, we agreed we should move on to a different life. She asked me to imagine another door in front of me. She again counted down and then asked me...
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Past Life Regression: Part 2  Posted on 03/17/2015
See here for Part 1.We started out by doing some deep breathing exercises. There was quiet music playing and a little waterfall gently trickling in the background. I worked on relaxing each part of my body, from my head down to my toes....
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Past Life Regression: Part 1  Posted on 03/16/2015
I have always been fascinated by the more mystical aspects of life. Ghost, mediums, all of the unseen and unknown forces around us, etc. I'm captivated by anything that really just can't be proven. At the same time, however,...
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  • Essie 15 February 2012 23:07:25

    I'm really into it, tnahks for this great stuff!

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