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WHO no longer hires smokers  Posted on 12/01/2005
A spokesperson for the World Health Organisation (who has been spear-heading anti-tobacco campaigns for years) has said today that the WHO no longer recruited smokers and that this new policy was not discriminatory (since their legal...
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Jump In!!!!  Posted on 11/24/2005
That's it! Microsoft's brand new console was launched in the U.S. 2 days ago in the midst of much deserved media attention. One of the best events I reckon took place the day before the launch. 3,000 gamers from around the world...
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Louis, you're such a drama queen  Posted on 11/23/2005
Are the X Factor ratings in so much trouble that they need a publicity stunt every week? After rumours of rule changes the other week, Louis Walsh has now alledgedly left the show. The glass of water Sharon Osbourne threw over his head...
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The KAL case  Posted on 11/23/2005
It's a long way to recognition of same-sex couples in Ireland but with people like Dr. Katherine Zappone and Dr. Ann Louise Gilligan, it might just come sooner than Mary "Ireland is not ready for gay marriage" Coughlan...
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Is Fitzmas going to be cancelled?  Posted on 11/17/2005
After the Watergate, it would seem that Bob Woodward is getting involved in Plamegate too...Categories: Fitzmas; Washington Post; Woodward; Plamegate
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Beep. It’s from Hamlet. 2B? NT2B?=???  Posted on 11/17/2005
One little step towards democratisation, one giant leap towards bastardisation of the world's great literature classics...As an aside: How people can actually READ textlish I'll never know.
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The wonders of blog surfing  Posted on 11/14/2005
I have just found what would be the funniest blog out there... if the blogger wasn't completely serious. 90% of his message is a pro-life one, post after post. I don't agree with him but that's a matter of opinion and I...
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Dubya more dangerous than bin Laden  Posted on 11/14/2005
Not only do 73% of Canadians dislike George Bush, 38% consider him more dangerous than public enemy number 1 Osama bin Laden himself. Interesting...Full results of survey carried out by the by Innovative Research Group were published in...
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Cocorico!!!!  Posted on 11/14/2005
If you've been following this blog for a while, you will be aware of my fondness for tennis and for the last few years French tenniswomen (well, we haven't had really good ones in a while). I have already talked about...
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