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Dogs, Dentists, Blogs and Symi film news  Posted on 09/20/2014
‘Twas a little blustery overnight Thursday to Friday and a disturbed sleep was had. The late night dispute over next door’s dog didn’t help, though I have no idea what time that was. Might not have been too late but there...
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A bit of Symi and a lot of word-ramble  Posted on 09/19/2014
September brings cooler weather, though not cold, I am wearing a shirt at the desk in the mornings again, for the first time in a couple of months. But both the balcony and side doors are open and the cat is still trying to sleep on my...
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Some creative update news today  Posted on 09/18/2014
Shocking The Donkeys, my (co-written) screenplay, is heading for the London Greek Film Festival as you may know. We entered this for the screenplay competition after Anne Zouroudi suggested it to me; I’d not thought of doing that...
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Wine night countdown, our Symi news  Posted on 09/17/2014
We are on a bit of a countdown now, there are only four more wine nights to go until we have our last one, which will be on October 13th weather permitting. Monday nights’ was an excellent one, as they tend to be, with around 40 to...
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Starting to think about [deleted word] already  Posted on 09/15/2014
I had a lovely morning off on Sunday, with a lie in, no early walk and no work to do, so I went shopping, on eBay and Amazon and started to look for [deleted word] presents. I know it’s still three months away but I find it better to...
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Shocking the Donkeys shock (and ITV)  Posted on 09/12/2014
Here’s some interesting news that may or may not lead to something or other, which also might pose a bit of a problem, depending on what, if anything happens, or not. Shocking the donkeys, surprising a cat The screenplay I wrote a...
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Writing thoughts on becoming re-mastered  Posted on 09/11/2014
Here are a couple of shots from yesterday morning, as we’ve not had any early morning shots for a while. As you will see, it’s still pretty dark at 6.00 when we leave the house, but soon starts to get light. Yesterday we were...
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Three crowns and a jackpot of a weekend  Posted on 09/10/2014
Well, that was a pretty bonkers couple of days. I knew we were going to be having two late nights in a row, which is why I prepared the blog posts in advance, but I didn’t know how wonderful they were going to be. At Mythos (photo by...
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  • Richard 04 May 2012 11:31:48

    I read it every day. It is entertaining and occasionally very useful.

  • honorarygreek
    honorarygreek 22 March 2012 15:55:12

    Symi Dream is magic, as is Neil's photography and as are James' books!!

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