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Humicubation and a gleek, it all happens on Symi  Posted on 07/28/2014
As you can see, the Alarm Cat had a busy weekend. You might also be able to see that it looks like he is getting another patch of black on his nose. The other bit has been there for a couple of years and not got much worse, we will have to...
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Saturday is writing day and other blether  Posted on 07/26/2014
Saturday, writing day, two of them if I don’t do anything else tomorrow, well, two mornings at least. No need for an early start unless I want to, no need to do anything unless I want to, apart from go to work of course, no day off...
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Of course I meant Rhodes to Symi day trip…  Posted on 07/25/2014
First: The verdict is in. Neil finished reading the last draft of Lonely House last night and sent a text from the steps outside the shop, where he had been reading it: “Yes. V good. I loved it.” So that’s OK then. A...
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In touch with dance, Symi 2014  Posted on 07/23/2014
There is a small gallery below showing some of the image from Neil that were taken in rehearsal and at the preference of the ‘In touch with Dance’ show on 16th July. There is also the CD cover as this was a commission for the...
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A quick guide to not overheating  Posted on 07/22/2014
First: Here’s one of Neil’s photos that shows the kind of thing you can do when you ‘see Symi from a different angle’ as you do when you go on one of his photo walks. See things from a different angle Photo walks...
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Chorio, Symi: The Village Cafe  Posted on 07/18/2014
Opposite the Village Cafe I walk past a new café every day on my way to work. Well, actually it’s not that new, but it did only open up earlier this year, so it’s not exactly ancient. Mind you, the building has been a...
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Cats rule the world actually, well, this one does  Posted on 07/17/2014
Black and white I managed to get that last chapter finished yesterday, so Lonely House (still a working title) draft one is now complete. It’s around 100,000 words and I believe that some of them are even the right words and in the...
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  • Richard 04 May 2012 11:31:48

    I read it every day. It is entertaining and occasionally very useful.

  • honorarygreek
    honorarygreek 22 March 2012 15:55:12

    Symi Dream is magic, as is Neil's photography and as are James' books!!

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