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The perfect weather is now  Posted on 05/03/2012
The weather on May in Athens is superb for anything and yet everything. The days are already perfectly hot and sunny but the nights are still cool. The city has not absorbed the sizzling summer heat into it yet.Copyright 2012 JanIt is the...
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Dye your eggs red  Posted on 04/12/2012
Eggs are quite known as a symbol of new life sealed within it. Same goes with Greek tradition and now it is a time to dye your eggs red for the Greek Easter! It is a fun tradition in Greece but the symbol of an red egg is something else....
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In her eyes  Posted on 03/20/2012
Someone has been listening Caribou´s psych-pop-electronic song Sandy a bit too much, perhaps? Anyway, it is a pretty sweet writing on the wall even though it makes me think how it would feel to give this artist a piece of paper and a...
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Buckets full of meat waste  Posted on 03/20/2012
Big buckets of meat waste in the back of the Athens Central Market after a long and hard workday of the butchers in one of the largest market halls in Europe.Jan Copyright 2012
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The empty stor(i)es  Posted on 03/20/2012
The number of empty stores is growing by the day in Athens. From the recent European Commission survey we can find out that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Greece has shranked by 30 000 between 2003 and 2010. The...
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The colors of the rainbow  Posted on 03/13/2012
These colorful old swings are from a small playground of the Ambelokipoi district, Athens. Somehow the colors just pops up, between the grey buildings, when you walk by the swings.Jan Copyright 2012Jan Copyright 2012Jan Copyright 2012Jan...
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The very existence of Navarinou Park  Posted on 03/10/2012
It is hard to miss the self-organized park in Exarchia even legally speaking it does not exist and you cannot find it from a map. It is a part of the idea to take life back into your own hands, make the urban environment blooming and, at...
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Christmas in Athens!  Posted on 12/11/2011
Nothing to do in Athens during the holiday season? Check again.Friday, December 16th 2011Klaythmonos Square18.00"Music of the World" FestivalMunicipality of Athens Symphonic Orchestra, with solist Christos Tsiamoulis, Kyriakos...
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The snoring Santa  Posted on 12/07/2011
Copyright 2011 JanYou can find (and hear) this hilarious snoring Santa from The Notos Galleries Christmas window.Copyright 2011 JanMore precisely the place is on the corner of Aiolou (Αιόλου) and Stadiou...
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  • m.t.r.m@21
    m.t.r.m@21 29 June 2012 11:03:55

    Hello.My name is Christina from Athens,I am a student and I just came back from my Erasmus program in Estonia.I visited Finland and I met lots of Finns.I was surprised to see that at least one Fin came to live in Greece :/ :D. I'd be glad to help you in everything you need in every way I can.

  • Grant Cassell 09 February 2012 00:01:44

    Hello! My name is Grant Cassell, and I was hoping I could get some insight on life within Greece for an English class. What is a day to day schedule like there? What do most people do during free time? Any other insight? Thank you.

  • Dimitris 13 November 2011 19:38:34

    Thanks, Jan. Finally some nice things from Athens. Bravo sou!

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