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Changing Plate

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added on 05/08/2014 by: Adrianakroeller
I’m Adriana, a native of Costa Rica who was living in the US minding my own business till I met my husband on a solo trip in Europe. In 2012 I choose to leave my busy city life in the states and pursue a life of travel and writing, dividing my time between my husbands home country of Germany and Costa Rica with our little one in tow! Big change, Expat life, Big beer and Good times! I’ve created Changing Plate to share the culture & beauty from living and traveling in both countries along with my experiences as a traveling mother. I hope you enjoy your time here, I love hearing from readers so please stop in and introduce yourselves, I like having names to the people I connect with. Thank you, Gracias, Danke!
 tags: 14, 9, Culture, Family life, Food

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How I Manage the Changing Plate Instagram Account  Posted on 11/18/2015
If you follow my site you already know The Changing Plate Instagram account has been added to Instagram’s Suggested User List. It’s a fine moment, no question about it and am grateful for the opportunities it’s...
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All Roads Lead to Berlin  Posted on 11/18/2015
I’ve been told by friends who know me well Berlin was my kinda city and that I’d love it and they nailed it, I felt the connection as soon as I saw the edge of the cities... Read More The post All Roads Lead to Berlin...
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Jamie Oliver’s Book Release and Food Tasting, Berlin  Posted on 11/15/2015
These past couple of weeks have a been a bit of a whirlwind, many good things happening including my small ones birthday, friends visiting from the U.S and an invitation to attend Jamie Oliver’s book... Read More The post Jamie...
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Thank You Instagram  Posted on 11/03/2015
Yesterday morning I was quietly editing images of the three salads I’d been working on over the weekend, clearly I went a little overboard on the veggie co-op box this week, I’m not sure my family... Read More The post...
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Risotto with Sage & Baby Portabello Mushrooms  Posted on 10/29/2015
About six weeks ago our family joined the local organic vegetable co-op, as an avid farmers market goer freak really I spent the first month trying to decide if I liked the gig, I wasn’t... Read More The post Risotto with Sage &...
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Cooking with Schmaltz  Posted on 10/27/2015
When I first moved to Germany and used to see people queue up at bakeries and order slices of bread topped with what looked like a layer of fat I didn’t get it. Sure sometimes... Read More The post Cooking with Schmaltz appeared...
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Onion Cake with Herbes de Provence  Posted on 10/23/2015
It’s most definitely fall Herbst in Bavaria, the last of the leaves are clinging to the trees and the fog and rain take turns through the better part of each day. I was thrilled to... Read More The post Onion Cake with Herbes de...
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Using Fresh Yeast  Posted on 10/21/2015
I’ve never used to bake, I’ve never had much use for it since I don’t like sweets and I’ve always preferred cooking over baking so there was no real incentive but now I live in a... Read More The post Using...
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Faltenbrot  Posted on 10/15/2015
In German Faltenbrot means Wrinkle Bread In English It means a pillowy soft pull apart bread stuffed with butter, garlic and herbs. I like my version better. I discovered Faltenbrot at my first Strassenfeste or... Read More The post...
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Changing Plate  Posted on 09/25/2015
I can’t tell you how good it feels to sit down and write this post, It’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air! I’ve been über busy working on Changing Plate’s new look and... Read More The post Changing Plate...
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  • arq.jaque2014
    arq.jaque2014 08 August 2014 22:20:59

    Hi, I am italian linving in Brazil....I lived in London for 8 years... and now i am looking for a job in Germany..my boyfriend ,that´s brazilian ,did his PHD in Germany... so we are planning to moving over there.. the problem is: i don´t speak german......lol....see ya

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