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Changing Plate

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added on 05/08/2014 by: Adrianakroeller
I’m Adriana, a native of Costa Rica who was living in the US minding my own business till I met my husband on a solo trip in Europe. In 2012 I choose to leave my busy city life in the states and pursue a life of travel and writing, dividing my time between my husbands home country of Germany and Costa Rica with our little one in tow! Big change, Expat life, Big beer and Good times! I’ve created Changing Plate to share the culture & beauty from living and traveling in both countries along with my experiences as a traveling mother. I hope you enjoy your time here, I love hearing from readers so please stop in and introduce yourselves, I like having names to the people I connect with. Thank you, Gracias, Danke!
 tags: 14, 9, Culture, Family life, Food

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June in Recipes  Posted on 07/06/2015
What a great food month it’s been for the Plate! It’s so easy to celebrate it this time of year isn’t it? I love the weekly markets warm atmosphere, colorful food and the summer sun has everyone making a morning of it....
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Fresh Watermelon Mint Cocktail  Posted on 06/25/2015
One of the reasons Summer is my favorite season in terms of cooking is because I’ve found that it’s the time of year I have to do the least amount of work to whatever im making and can still  transform fresh ingredients,...
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Creamy Garden Vegetable Spread  Posted on 06/25/2015
It’s probably not going to come as a shock to you that when you visit beer gardens in Germany there’s a lot of beer drinking going on right? Along with serving loads of beer most gardens also offer a variety of breads...
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Berry Cream Pots  Posted on 06/24/2015
After I made my simple Currant and Cherry Jelly I wanted to have some fun with it and make something new so I came up with these Berry Cream Pots. These took me about 15 minutes to make and the combination of the cream, toasted walnuts and...
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Currant and Cherry Jelly  Posted on 06/24/2015
I should be calling this Instagram Jelly. I had no idea what I was going to do with the currants I picked up at this weeks farmers market, I only ended up buying them because they were so beautiful and staring at me while I was waiting in...
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Radish Summer Salad  Posted on 06/19/2015
Radishes are one of my favorite vegetables, I can eat an entire bunch with a little salt at one sitting and it’s a good thing I like them so much because in Bavaria they are widely used, not just the round red ones either, every size...
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Elderflower Syrup  Posted on 06/18/2015
The first time I ever tried Elderflower or Holunder in German was in a salad dressing. If you haven’t tried it before it has one of those flavors that make you say “wait a minute, what is that?” As you keep tasting it...
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Mandarin Aperol Spritz  Posted on 06/13/2015
If you happen to be in Germany or certainly anywhere in Italy where this Cocktail (and Aperol) originated, you won’t be able to miss these pretty little drinks all over cafe tables, especially outdoors on a hot summer day. It is one...
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Cilantro Mushrooms and Gruyère on Grilled Bread  Posted on 06/11/2015
Grilling! Now we’re talking one of my favorite food languages! In the past cultures that have been my home, from Costa Rica to Guam and the US the grill has always been present and a big part of the social culture. In Bavaria, not so...
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Foraging to Table  Posted on 06/10/2015
Foraging. By definition it is “The act of looking for food or provisions” Until I moved to Bavaria I had neither forged or even heard of it. I’d gone as far as shopping local and was a regular at the weekly farmers market...
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  • arq.jaque2014
    arq.jaque2014 08 August 2014 22:20:59

    Hi, I am italian linving in Brazil....I lived in London for 8 years... and now i am looking for a job in Germany..my boyfriend ,that´s brazilian ,did his PHD in Germany... so we are planning to moving over there.. the problem is: i don´t speak german......lol....see ya

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