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Changing Plate

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added on 05/08/2014 by: Adrianakroeller
I’m Adriana, a native of Costa Rica who was living in the US minding my own business till I met my husband on a solo trip in Europe. In 2012 I choose to leave my busy city life in the states and pursue a life of travel and writing, dividing my time between my husbands home country of Germany and Costa Rica with our little one in tow! Big change, Expat life, Big beer and Good times! I’ve created Changing Plate to share the culture & beauty from living and traveling in both countries along with my experiences as a traveling mother. I hope you enjoy your time here, I love hearing from readers so please stop in and introduce yourselves, I like having names to the people I connect with. Thank you, Gracias, Danke!
 tags: 14, 9, Culture, Family life, Food

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My Commitment to You and My Blog  Posted on 02/04/2015
My sole purpose in creating Changing Plate was to share what I love and am passionate about, I want to make clear my commitment to my readers and followers of what Is important to me and am committed to keeping as a part of the foundation...
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Mornings and Meals from El Mercadito de San Rafael  Posted on 01/25/2015
Greetings from San Rafael de Escazu! My new and almost final home here in Costa Rica. You may notice from my sudden onslaught of posts I’m desperately trying to play catch up, where is the time going!? Its been quite a journey, one...
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Land, City and Sea In Costa Rica  Posted on 01/25/2015
Kai arrived on Christmas Eve to join us for three weeks, not only was I glad to see him to enjoy Christmas together as a family and for him to be a part of this important journey but admittedly after almost 6 weeks traveling solo with our...
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The Puntarenas Coast, A Visual Journey  Posted on 01/25/2015
Puntarenas, one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and popular providences is one of my favorite places to visit when I travel to my home country. Not only is the entire providence beautiful but it has an exceptional coastline that make...
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A Special Birthday  Posted on 12/19/2014
I’ve never really given much thought to my birthday, though I’m incredibly thankful to continue having them given the alternative they’ve always tended to fade into the Christmas season. I usually don’t even...
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A Week of Food from the Casita  Posted on 12/15/2014
We’ve been in Costa Rica a month already, I’ve had to look back at pictures just to remember everything I’ve packed into it! The small amount of culture shock has faded away and we are finally feeling at home and...
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Is It Really That Christmas Time of Year?  Posted on 12/12/2014
Travel has always had a way to make me forget the time or even what day it is, compound that with a blur of non stop solo travel through a drastically different climate with a one year old and it’s been really easy to forget what...
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Our Casita  Posted on 12/10/2014
When I started this journey I knew I had a nice place to stay for as long as I wanted and that I’d be traveling the first few weeks so It was safe to not look for a place of our own right away. When I was ready I did a little...
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Farm, Food and Art in the Rainforest  Posted on 12/10/2014
I’ve read up and understand the concept of sustainability however until now I’ve only had a partial view limited to farms and extensive private gardens in Southern Bavaria but that all changed when my littles and I arrived at...
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Pipas on the Beach  Posted on 12/09/2014
Next stop, Manuel Antonio a national park and town I’ve enjoyed my last few visits to Costa Rica, It’s very touristy I know, I know…but I’ve always enjoyed it anyway. Plus after a few days in the rainforest a beach...
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  • arq.jaque2014
    arq.jaque2014 08 August 2014 22:20:59

    Hi, I am italian linving in Brazil....I lived in London for 8 years... and now i am looking for a job in Germany..my boyfriend ,that´s brazilian ,did his PHD in Germany... so we are planning to moving over there.. the problem is: i don´t speak german......lol....see ya

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