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Something new..  Posted on 09/28/2012
A change of life, although Germany was incredible it was time to move on.. I live in Canada now, here's the link if you fancy a gander...x
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Note to self  Posted on 08/04/2011
Walking around the house in your knickers, learning to play Sufjan Stevens songs on the piano, and posting about said activities in blogs you've not used for weeks does not constitute packing.
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Curse me out in free verse, wrap me up in reverse..  Posted on 06/24/2011
TV On The Radio were the absolute shit. The best! There is literally nothing better than watching a group of musicians who really inspire you with everything they do. Makes me very sad that due to moving out and having to afford my own...
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Waitin' on a signal or a sound,  Posted on 06/18/2011
Found out TV On The Radio are playing here next week, so freaking stoked :)) other than that jewel in a rather dull looking crown, not much to report. Went dancing to Kultfabrik last night, it's still a complete hole.. surprise...
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But in the end, all I could think about was-  Posted on 06/13/2011
Sitting at a table feeling kinda nondescript. So many things going on! First off, I've decided to call time on the aupairing, and have made the family aware. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, my host Mum was really nice...
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But even despite it all..  Posted on 05/29/2011
I have 12 whole followers! How odd. Thank you for following me, and please be aware that my adventures these days are a little less adventure, a little more sitting down with a cup of coffee.. either way, welcome :) I hope you enjoy my...
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Away from the city, away from the lights.  Posted on 05/06/2011
This week's been a mischung... had my first bike crash, enjoyed the sun, told off some rude people, found a whole new area of the city that I LOVE on my newly-adopted travels as a Cycling Commuter, did something that truly terrified...
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The future, is not what it used to be.  Posted on 04/26/2011
Today started as a disastrous one all round, but surprisingly I've turned it around a bit and am now in a super good mood. Zum Beispiel, I forgot my phone, there was a confusion at work which was then solved, I fell up the stairs...
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Fixed iPod, fixed head?  Posted on 04/10/2011
First things first, MY IPOD IS FIXED :)))))))))))) a big thankyou to my friend Becky, I am considering employing her as my Official iPod Saver (TM)
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Broken iPod, broken head.  Posted on 04/07/2011
I hate the following expression but: I'm exhausted. I'm alone with the girls for 3 days and the thing I've found out is that I never, I repeat, nevernever, want to be a full time housewife.. it may come as a shock to you to...
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