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How To Speak European

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added on 26/03/2012 by: rs168204
a slightly ironic guide about life in Europe for the hypothetical American traveler or prospective resident from the perspective of someone who has lived in both worlds
 tags: anti-Americanism, culture, food, language, travel

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Euro 2012  Posted on 06/11/2012
The Olympic summer is upon us – which means one thing in Europe: UEFA Euro 2012! As Americans, you may wonder: “I have no dog in this fight, how can I get myself to care about a bunch of waify millionaires going and running up...
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Eurovision  Posted on 05/27/2012
When I first heard about a European song contest, I entertained visions of each country’s ‘best’ competing in a tournament for the title of best musical polity. Daft Punk in a hotly contested semi with Oasis (or whatever...
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Franklin & Marshall  Posted on 03/26/2012
If you find yourself traveling through Europe, you may think to yourself, “Wow. For being a small liberal arts college in the middle of Pennsylvania, Franklin & Marshall certainly puts out an inordinate number of international...
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Breakfast in Europe  Posted on 01/24/2012
Europe is a great place to have breakfast. It’s certainly better than Denny’s and maybe even IHOP. As one does not want to wake up in the wrong place on a hungry tummy, a brief investigation of various breakfasting...
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How Europe found America  Posted on 01/22/2012
It may come as a surprise to some, but Christopher Columbus was not American, this despite being named after an American city and having an American first name. He was actually Italian – with the name Cristofaro Colombo. Indeed, many...
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Stuff in Europe  Posted on 01/21/2012
Stuff in Europe is different than stuff in America. Wait, actually the stuff is the same, but there are different names for it. Here is a list of products that have decided to change their names upon crossing shores. UK Axe – Lynx...
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The Woice of Germany  Posted on 01/03/2012
The Woice of Germany is a telewision show reminiscent of other telewision shows such as American Idol and X-factor, and with similar programs in most telewision watching nations in the world. On the show are entering warious not yet on...
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Being Understood in Europe  Posted on 12/30/2011
It goes without saying that it is important to be understood (which is why I wrote it). There are a variety of ways to make oneself understood (and understand others) in Europe. Two which seem to be quite popular are 1) learning the...
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Showing Europeans Where You Are From  Posted on 12/30/2011
It is fairly widely accepted among Europeans that Americans have a shaky notion of geography when it comes to the continent, which is only perpetuated by the well-meaning American telling a Swiss family how their capital of Zurich was just...
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