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The Rain in Spain  Posted on 09/11/2010
.....falls mainly in Germany if it's August. Germany has just had its rainiest month of August since records began. Eastern parts of the country had some flooding. Fortunately Hessen and Marburg didn't record the heaviest amounts...
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FV Wehrda Mädchen  Posted on 08/05/2010
Its been a while! - I haven't blogged in a very, very long time! I have a million excuses why not, but the main one is lack of time. Since stopping shift work, free time is at a premium, and something had to give, but perhaps I should...
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The Five Generations  Posted on 01/13/2009
At the end of last year my nephew became a father. His son is lucky not just to have a grandmother, or a great grandmother - He has a Great Great Grandmother!I'm not sure how often this happens in families, but I reckon it's not...
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Christmas Greetings  Posted on 12/22/2008
A very merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to one and all!I'm still alive, but with the changes in my job, I have very little free time, and therefore haven't blogged. Lots has happened - I gained a stomach ulcer, which is...
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Captain of the team  Posted on 08/23/2008
Earlier this week the Juniorette had the plaster removed from her broken arm. The X-ray was good but the doctors decided she has to wear a splint for the next 10 days. Once this is removed she can start some light swimming, but no vigorous...
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Slowly nearing the half century  Posted on 08/14/2008
My birthday hat got another outing this week, as I clocked up another run on my personal cricket innings. I now stand at 47 not out. My birthday hat has been in use now for seven years, and just gets updated every year. I had to work on my...
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Unlucky break  Posted on 07/22/2008
Last week the Juniorette broke her lower right arm. She fell off a rope swing at the local summer day camp. As they were in the woods at the time one of the helpers had to carry her through the woods and fields to the ambulance, which...
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The football in Spain.......  Posted on 07/09/2008
We have just returned from our holiday in Mallorca, and we had a very nice time. We stayed in Alcudia on the eastern side of the island. It was bit of a tourist trap, but the main reason for the holiday was the beach, and that was pretty...
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My pride and joy  Posted on 06/15/2008
The Juniorette of late has been a very busy bee. She is still swimming 3 times a week, and is now football training 3 times a week. Twice with her normal team, and now once a week with an all girls team. She is really enjoying it all. Last...
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Still alive & kicking  Posted on 06/02/2008
Since I have become a normal day worker, my time management has gone to pot. How people manage their lives with only 2 days off a week, I will never know, but as Mrs H says, I need to adapt. One of the consequences of so little free time...
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