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I go on a diet, exercise, lose wieght  Posted on 08/22/2014
I'm almost done with three weeks of the Paleo diet. First up, I have a confession, I've never been on a diet before. When I was in my 20s losing weight was pretty easy so I never felt like dieting was for me. Sometimes I counted...
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Germany unseen: beautiful Brandenburg  Posted on 08/18/2014
Into the deep dark wood.Brandenburg is a strange place. It can be wonderfully beautiful and peaceful. It can be unbelievably dirty and ugly. While East Berlin has mostly been made over with great sweeping urban renewal and an influx of...
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Apology  Posted on 08/14/2014
I have to apologize for some of the things I wrote.I try to be diplomatic. I try to be fair. I try to make sure that my thoughts are carefully explained and easy to follow. One of the most popular posts on this blog- 'Do Europeans...
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How to do graduate school in Germany  Posted on 08/14/2014
I'm so happy all the confusion surrounding applying to a German university has dissipated enough for me to write about it. I went into this business with zero knowledge. I have always wanted to get my masters but I met someone and...
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Done  Posted on 08/11/2014
Summer is drawing to a close. The days have started to get cooler and it's a relief after all the hot weather. This is the first real Summer I've had since I moved to Germany. It was sunny and warm and wonderful. We got to go...
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Sugar sugar sugar  Posted on 08/09/2014
On Thursday my toddler and I headed off to the doctor for a blood sugar test. I already kinda suspected I wasn't going to get good news so I wasn't surprised when the doctor told me I was pre diabetic. Pre diabetes isn't...
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Kindergarten clothes  Posted on 08/03/2014
3/4-Sleeve Print Dress Carter's, €12 / Sateen Fox Print Dress Carter's, €14 / Sateen Print Skirt Carter's, €9,85 / Bottoms Pants, €8,06 / Sparkle Star Tights Carter's, €8,21 / Sweater Knit...
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Learning disabilities and language  Posted on 07/31/2014
I have a learning disability. It is similar to dyslexia but not dyslexia. It has no official name that I know of. I would like to say that I tend to forget about it because it doesn't play a huge role in my life anymore but that would...
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For whom the bell tolls: socialism and society  Posted on 07/31/2014
My brain got going after writing the quality of life comparison. I didn't mention the social market economy and the important part it plays in equalizing German society. I realized that I had a passion to write about the...
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If you don't have anything nice to say then shush  Posted on 07/30/2014
Have you all missed me? Have you wondered why it's been so quiet around here? I'll tell you. I don't have anything nice to say to the Internet right now. I could probably fill pages and pages with complaining or how annoyed...
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  • carolpelzer
    carolpelzer 16 January 2014 14:02:56

    Reading your post about learning German in Germany gave hope. I'll be moving to Germany (from Dublin) with my (German) husband in May, but my German is pretty basic. Well, I've been to Germany lots of time and it's a shame I haven't learn the language before but to be honest I could never think we would be moving there in this lifetime. Tks for sharing your experience. x

  • IT-Consultant
    IT-Consultant 24 October 2013 11:10:31

    I read your blog and I find it direct and to the point. I left the United States in 1988 and have never looked back. I find our fellow country men and women are living in a closed society. We think we are the center of the world and everything else does not matter. We need to wake up and realize there is more to this big world. Plus we all need to realize there are better systems in place. I could never think about going back to the states. I have way more security and way oportunities in this country.

    Your not the only one thinking this way.

  • Ayman berrou
    Ayman berrou 15 October 2013 13:12:54

    Nice Blog

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