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added on 18/01/2013 by: ednacz
An American and serial expat, Edna is a freelance sports writer who moved to Paris in January 2012 after three years working in media and journalism in Asia.
 tags: food, photograpy, relationships, sport, travel

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Bastille Day is for friends  Posted on 07/14/2014
In recent years, the 14th of July — a date I hardly cared about for most of my life — has quickly gone the way of other dependable events like my birthday or New Year’s: a day I can always count on to be one of my...
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Fête de la Musique  Posted on 06/21/2014
Let’s say you’re in Paris, and it’s the first day of summer. It’s the longest day of the year, it’s June 21, it’s Fête de la Musique. Where do you go? What do you do? Maybe you head down to the...
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How to turn 25 in Shanghai  Posted on 06/03/2014
I am notoriously kind of very over-enthusiastic about my birthday. One of those people who celebrates allll week, and always throws a big party (see: last year’s fabulous Parisian black-and-white 50s theme party). Over the past few...
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Return to Paris  Posted on 03/16/2014
So I’ve been back in Paris for nearly two weeks. Before anyone gets too excited! — I’m not staying. I’m only here for one more week, taking a breather before heading to Belgium and Amsterdam. But remember that last...
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One Midnight in Paris  Posted on 02/14/2014
It was early August and things were not going well. I had just called off my engagement, the fingers on my left hand unused to feeling for a ring that was no longer there. Elsewhere, not one, but two people I considered my closest...
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Upheaval  Posted on 01/16/2014
This was me five weeks ago. It was only a week and a half into our big European backpacking trip (though it felt like we’d already been on the road for so much longer!). We had just climbed Arthur’s Seat, were watching the sun...
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Instagrammed: Europe for the Holidays  Posted on 01/02/2014
For those who wondered where I’ve been these past five weeks: I’ve been everywhere! Kind of. I spent all of December living out of my suitcase while traveling around northern Europe, doing a minorly whirlwind tour from Italy...
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The 5 best things I ate in Paris: October-November  Posted on 12/09/2013
I had this silly notion in my head that whenever I returned to Paris after I’d ‘officially left’, I’d run around revisiting the favorite restaurants I missed. After all, my Paris time was now limited to the...
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Happy Days  Posted on 11/20/2013
You see this? You see this post? This is me throwing up my hands and saying, I give up! I give up trying to catch up. If I was working the same part-time tutoring hours I did in France, no doubt I would have told you all about Oktoberfest...
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