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added on 18/01/2013 by: ednacz
An American and serial expat, Edna is a freelance sports writer who moved to Paris in January 2012 after three years working in media and journalism in Asia.
 tags: food, photograpy, relationships, sport, travel

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6 Airbnbs I loved from around the world  Posted on 06/25/2015
A quick note: this is not in any way affiliated with Airbnb. They have no idea who I am. I’m writing this post because I’ve stayed in some pretty cool places over the years and wanted to share the best of my experiences....
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Expat Entrepreneurs: Kasia from Kasia Dietz Handbags  Posted on 06/20/2015
In this series, I feature expats who started their own business abroad. From food to fashion, art to tourism — these women had the guts and confidence to pursue their passions and turn it into something bigger. Check out...
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The 5 best things I ate in Chengdu  Posted on 06/17/2015
In this biweekly series, I round up the five best things I ate in a particular city or country. Click here to read previous 5BTIAs from Tokyo, Paris, and more. Sichuan food is notoriously spicy. I have seen five-year-olds from this...
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Worth the wait: Highlights from Japan  Posted on 06/16/2015
For the longest time, I’ve wanted to visit Japan. And for the longest time, I’ve told myself to wait. I did not want to do Japan on a shoestring, I did not want to go as a backpacker; I wanted to wait until I felt it...
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I Love My Neighborhood: The Marais, Paris  Posted on 06/08/2015
In this series, I ask expats to share the joys of local life they’ve found in their corner of the world. If you’re just joining in now, check out other cities that have been covered so far here. Today I’m so happy to...
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Life on the Move: May 2015  Posted on 06/05/2015
My monthly wrap-ups are for me to share personal tidbits — the little things that make up my life abroad; stories and photos which may not otherwise see the light of blogging day. See previous months here.  Well it’s...
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The 5 best things I ate in Tokyo  Posted on 06/01/2015
In this biweekly series, I round up the five best things I ate in a particular city or country. Click here to read previous 5BTIAs from Xi’an, Paris, and more. Let’s set the tone straight off the bat: with only four days in...
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I quit — now what? Upcoming travel plans for 2015  Posted on 05/28/2015
So now that I’ve quit my job to travel and have all this free time, next comes the obvious question: Where do I want to go? Even though I’ve been planning this new chapter for a while now, when the map is actually laid out...
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