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added on 18/01/2013 by: ednacz
An American and serial expat, Edna is a freelance sports writer who moved to Paris in January 2012 after three years working in media and journalism in Asia.
 tags: food, photograpy, relationships, sport, travel

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The art of doing nothing in London  Posted on 08/28/2014
There’s not much to say about the art of doing nothing. It’s pretty much one step, self-explanatory: do nothing. Whatever your definition of ‘nothing’ may be — do it. Or don’t. It’s your art. By my...
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The 5 best things I ate in Madrid  Posted on 08/20/2014
In this series, I round up the five best things I ate in a particular city or country. Read more food posts here. A large factor in me falling for Madrid was the city’s food and drink scene, and the friendly people behind...
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One day in Segovia  Posted on 08/18/2014
If you like aqueducts and suckling pigs, boy do I have the day trip for you. Segovia is a small town outside Madrid, about an hour’s drive or thirty minutes away on the fast train. It’s one of those towns so old and full of...
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Everything I loved about Madrid  Posted on 08/16/2014
Spain was never on my radar. Never. Something about it didn’t inspire me; no amount of writing or photography of its food, scenery, culture made my heart skip like it does when I read about Ireland or Iceland or Thailand. So I never...
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We drove to Belgium just for the beer  Posted on 08/13/2014
Like many good ideas, the idea to roadtrip to Belgium for beer came about over a few drinks at the bar. It was the start of expat leaving season in Paris. I was at a friend’s going away party, and with my own time in the city quickly...
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An Accidental Year Around the World  Posted on 08/08/2014
The thing about accidentally going on a year-long round the world trip is that you don’t actually realize you’re on one...until it’s over. I mean, when you plan to travel long-term, you usually have a start date. You...
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Taking control  Posted on 07/31/2014
If you were to take the contents of my mind and pour them out right now, I imagine it would look something like this chaos. (thanks to being in Hong Kong this week on a visa run for the convenient imagery.) Lately I’ve had a lot of...
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Bastille Day is for friends  Posted on 07/14/2014
In recent years, the 14th of July — a date I hardly cared about for most of my life — has quickly gone the way of other dependable events like my birthday or New Year’s: a day I can always count on to be one of my...
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Fête de la Musique  Posted on 06/21/2014
Let’s say you’re in Paris, and it’s the first day of summer. It’s the longest day of the year, it’s June 21, it’s Fête de la Musique. Where do you go? What do you do? Maybe you head down to the...
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How to turn 25 in Shanghai  Posted on 06/03/2014
I am notoriously kind of very over-enthusiastic about my birthday. One of those people who celebrates allll week, and always throws a big party (see: last year’s fabulous Parisian black-and-white 50s theme party). Over the past few...
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