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Our Life in France  Posted on 02/14/2014
Our life in France - It can be testing sometimes.I haven't posted since just before Christmas (which incredibly was last year) and really seams so long ago,Well Christmas came and went without event in fact it seamed like a bit of an...
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Our Life in France  Posted on 12/24/2013
Twas the night before ChristmasYes folks it is Christmas Eve, always a magical time for me and my sister when we were children, our parents always managed to give us a really good Christmas even though they didn't have much money, we...
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Is it winter yet where you are?  Posted on 11/22/2013
Our life in FranceThe weather has really started to change now, we have had a couple of frosts but then it is late November so I guess we should expect it now, still the grass continues to grow, much to John's disgust. and I actually...
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Busy morning  Posted on 08/26/2013
The sun is still shining.So I thought being as John didn't need me to help him with the bedroom renovations I would take the opportunity to harvest my wonderful crop of tomato's, this year I thought it would be a good idea to...
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Take a Peek  Posted on 08/21/2013
Take a peek at this site, it shows some of the things that can go wrong if you take your eye off the ball or don't do enough research.overs.co.uk/infographics.html.
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I can't believe it is August already.  Posted on 08/10/2013
I am back and this time refreshed.I know it has been some time since I blogged and to be honest after so many years of constantly sitting at a computer day in day out for work it is so refreshing to be able to spread my retired wings, it...
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Our life in France - Back at last  Posted on 06/18/2013
Where have I been I hear you all say, well as you know a couple of months ago I handed over my lovely little business to very safe hands and finally hung up the telephone and retired, I can tell you it is pretty scary and at first I really...
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Our French Life - holidays  Posted on 04/11/2013
Our French Life - holidaysDear readers, just to let you know that I will be away for a couple of weeks and may not have Internet access so things will be a little quiet but while I am away I will take lots of pictures and gather loads of...
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Our French Life - Very un French  Posted on 04/10/2013
Our French Life - Very un FrenchToday I am blogging about something that would be totally alien to the French, I received an email from some good friends in England which contained pictures of their gardening ventures last weekend, you see...
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Our French Life - When!!  Posted on 04/09/2013
Our French Life - When!!I was asked today when did my love of France first start, I had to think for a moment but then realised it was easy, 20 years or so ago there was a special offer in one of the National papers - Sail to France for...
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