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added on 22/01/2009 by: jennifer007
Amusing stories about a young woman who moves to France to help her sister renovate her cottage. A personal and honest view of the feelings rollercoaster experienced when faced with the elements, solitude, the French and broken bones.
 tags: amusing, brittany, expat france, fougeres, self sufficiency

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20th May - Change personified  Posted on 05/25/2009
The human psyche breaks new boundaries for me all the time. But this time, it has gone way beyond what I thought was possible. Only a few days ago my head was in such turmoil, where for the first time in my life I wanted to be medicated to...
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17th May - Sunday. No worship left  Posted on 05/17/2009
Yesterday I tried to climb the wall. Don't do it. It doesn't work. I slid ungracefully to the bottom to join my heart. I tried to scrape with my fingers at the cold stone, so I could climb out of myself and reach safety.The...
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15th May - An ending defined  Posted on 05/16/2009
I have been dismembered today, the kind of force that sweeps through you, leaving nothing but a skeleton. I don’t know why I am breathing, I only think it is breathing as my lungs are filled up with poison, and my abdomen wound so...
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25th April - Who's playing whom?  Posted on 04/25/2009
What a week. Ness has just visited and we have had a fantastic time. We talked and talked and it has felt like we have gelled again. I have said that I want to start again and put the past behind us. I feel so different now, so completely...
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14th April - There's the rub  Posted on 04/14/2009
It is apparent now why my arrangement for no contact with Ness was so well received.I have heard today that she is finished with me. She wants to move on, have her own life. What I don't understand is why there was no discussion with...
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4th April - Has spring left it behind?  Posted on 04/05/2009
Now.I haven't spoken to my partner for 17 days.To me it feels odd. I feel a lack of pressure and disappointment, but at the same time I feel there is a block of my life missing, that nothing else will fill. It's strange, owning...
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17th December - Are any of us ready to live our dream?  Posted on 12/17/2008
Why the country indeed? This morning I took a leisurely drive to an old Brocante, the French equivalent of the good old fashioned junk shop. A fool's pleasure, but sometimes an Aladdin's cave of handy stuff. The morning proved to...
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9th December - Of mice and mackeral  Posted on 12/09/2008
Last night I didn't wash up my dinner plate. My damp sheets beckoned and I just had to go to bed, casting aspersions to the idea of doing any household chores.I should have learnt by now, I have already had an episode that I...
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  • sourire 05 October 2009 22:49:13

    I didn't read all your thing but we have all been desolated at some time in our lives so I sympathize. However, if things are as bad as you say, for God's sake go back home. You can mend in comfort just the same. You haven't got to be a martyr to get better.

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