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Coiffures and purple hats…  Posted on 10/30/2014
It was time for a change…and anyway, I had made a slight mistake with a ‘change’ of hair colour and it had turned a subtle shade of green….brown green…… So with much hoo-ing and haa-ing I took a chance...
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Chateau Organised Chaos..semi  Posted on 09/28/2014
Well!  Yup, it’s been a while but it’s also been a while since I had time to sit…so now I’m sitting…and it feels great.  A lot has happened here in our corner of Normandy and the Chateau has been...
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Cheffing Shambles and Fireworks  Posted on 07/27/2014
Our first Summer season of guests at the Chateau has been interesting to say the least…not to mention a little scary, a lot frantic and hugely chaotic. This is going to be a marathon blog as a lot has happened and I need to remember...
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Ted in Disgrace  Posted on 06/16/2014
I’m sure I’ve spoken numerous times of Ted.  We bought two dogs with us from SA, Tass who we had from a pup – a cute, Maltese terrier type white, aloof  girl who has subsequently turned into a way-too-verbal...
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Mice, Moving men and Macarons  Posted on 06/07/2014
It seems a while since I sat in one place long enough to write .. so I’ve decided to steal some time in 15 minute increments and see how I go. The Owner of the Chateau has agreed that a large combination woodworking machine would be...
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A week of Russian around…  Posted on 04/27/2014
Well….the Russian visitors-to-be that arrived in a helicopter decided that out of all the Chateaus they visited that day, we were to be “it” so they dutifully arrived last Monday. I was trying hard not to panic as they...
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Energy? I remember having that…  Posted on 04/13/2014
My goodness me what a whirl the last few weeks have been but we are in the cottage and we have 24/7 internet access!!!! Yay!! First of all, there we were still frantically trying to put up plaster board (the Dear One went up to a tiny area...
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An Ode To A Colombage Cottage in Normandy…  Posted on 03/12/2014
It starts with just a little hole Within a wall or beam You reach out to have a feel Are things really as they seem? You get the ladder to have a look And inspect it with your hand It crumbles leaving a bigger gap And covering the floor...
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There’s a chimney up my nose….  Posted on 02/19/2014
The brain does strange things when you’re learning a new language…at least mine does and I’ve now learnt that the Dear One’s does as well. When he was in South Africa, he spoke Afrikaans quite well.  When I...
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Would love you to click on the button…  Posted on 02/06/2014
Hi Everyone…. Another year is gone since I was put in this list for a good blog of someone trying to settle in another place. Last year, we managed to be around 50th on the list which I was SO delighted with..yes I know that the vote...
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