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Energy? I remember having that…  Posted on 04/13/2014
My goodness me what a whirl the last few weeks have been but we are in the cottage and we have 24/7 internet access!!!! Yay!! First of all, there we were still frantically trying to put up plaster board (the Dear One went up to a tiny area...
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An Ode To A Colombage Cottage in Normandy…  Posted on 03/12/2014
It starts with just a little hole Within a wall or beam You reach out to have a feel Are things really as they seem? You get the ladder to have a look And inspect it with your hand It crumbles leaving a bigger gap And covering the floor...
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There’s a chimney up my nose….  Posted on 02/19/2014
The brain does strange things when you’re learning a new language…at least mine does and I’ve now learnt that the Dear One’s does as well. When he was in South Africa, he spoke Afrikaans quite well.  When I...
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Would love you to click on the button…  Posted on 02/06/2014
Hi Everyone…. Another year is gone since I was put in this list for a good blog of someone trying to settle in another place. Last year, we managed to be around 50th on the list which I was SO delighted with..yes I know that the vote...
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“As Clear as Mud” is becoming Clearer….  Posted on 02/04/2014
Up until now, since I’ve been in the land of Croissants and Fromage, I’ve had the thought more and more often that I have slowly become decidedly “thick” as we say in sunny SA and that perhaps I had lost the ability...
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Elephants are Chewy…..  Posted on 01/03/2014
I can’t believe we’ve been here for just on a month.  It’s been an interesting four weeks to say the least. Things here have been SO busy and a little …maybe unusual is a good word.  We had to stay in the...
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How to eat an Elephant….  Posted on 12/06/2013
Assuming that you’d want to, and that there is elephant on the menu…just how do you go about eating one?  And as an aside..why on earth would you want to? The thing is..Elephant has been put on a plate in front of me, a...
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Living beside myself…..  Posted on 11/15/2013
There is often a time in life when all things collide to form one BIG moment and I think my “Footpath to France” has hit that moment. We had to take another trip to Normandy for me to finally meet the owner, see the Chateau and...
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Autumn, mowing and a trip east…  Posted on 10/25/2013
There was good news!  As I mentioned before, The Dear One decided to take the bull buy the horns…just about literally, and tell the owner of the estate where he was working that it was just not meant to be and that if he...
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Pear-Shaped!  Posted on 10/10/2013
Well when things go pear shaped they do indeed go wrong! We thought we’d got most things covered as far as the mutts go and going off to live in the UK.  Ok so things didn’t quite work out with the mutts and I am still...
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