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In case you were wondering…  Posted on 01/13/2015
… what a travel student gets up to when they are at school in Finland. Check out Ullis’ blog here. This also gives an idea of just a few of the great people that I study and work with :)  
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Six Word Saturday: 3.1.2015  Posted on 01/03/2015
Good to be home once more… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alternatively I could also say it will be nice to sleep in my own bed again. That will have to wait a few more nights…
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Notice anything different?  Posted on 01/02/2015
If this is your first visit, you are forgiven for not noticing ;) If you are a regular visitor, maybe you might have noticed that things don’t quite look the same as last time you were here. Bear with me as I fine tune the page over...
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A day the park, a national park that is!  Posted on 11/07/2014
I went for a walk earlier this week… and not just any old walk! I went to visit the Nuuksio National Park, just outside Helsinki. While getting there involved a train ride followed by a bus, it was more than worth it. We walked,...
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For Andy!  Posted on 09/16/2014
Seriously good stuff! and you don’t need sugar ;)
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Your time starts now!  Posted on 09/15/2014
‘Unlock the mind’ the challenge says. Type or write for 20 minutes. So far 15 minutes have passed by and this is as far as I’ve got. I think I need to start the clock again… I know I don’t have to post this,...
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Erase and Rewind  Posted on 09/15/2014
Are you a Cardigans fan? I am. It’s a fitting title for todays post. Although there will be no erasing, there definitely will be some rewinding going on over the next few weeks. Of course once the title popped into my head I had to...
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