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English As A Second Language

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added on 15/02/2012 by: gesci
I'm a photographer, and this blog shows our lives and travels through pictures. We've been living in England since late 2009, and I'm happy to share our experiences and answer questions!
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There is no better title for this than "words".  Posted on 08/19/2013
I was going to write a simple tweet, boiling down my whirling mental state, but I told Betsy I was trying to resume blogging, so here I am to pour too many words that collectively mean less than their individual worth onto your computer...
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Sloan's Cold Laser Therapy and Acupuncture  Posted on 08/14/2013
I mentioned Sunday that we recently discovered Sloan's got some arthritis in her lower back.She was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia in her left hip in '06 and she tagged along on Max's orthopedic appointments every so...
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Sunday Currently  Posted on 08/11/2013
I'm trying out this "Sunday Currently" as a sort of catch-up... so here goes.Currently...Blueberries at Olde Carthage Farm.eating all the fresh, organic fruit on which I can get my hands. We found a pick-your-own farm for...
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Insecurities, Crazies, and Respect  Posted on 08/01/2013
Yesterday Grace at Camp Patton wrote a post in which she both exposed a bit of her crazy and a lot of her insecurities, mostly dealing with how the online world reacts to her life choices. I nervously debated whether or not to comment,...
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Nome: A Rescue Transport Story  Posted on 06/19/2013
In my April-overview post I mentioned how I found out about rescue transport relays, mainly used to get unwanted pets from the overburdened shelters in the South to the welcoming homes in the North. I've since joined a couple of...
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Sloan Goes Swimming, Too!  Posted on 06/14/2013
I told you how Max did hydrotherapy in England. Well, for the first couple of months I took buttmunch Sloan along, as these two are sticklers for fair- when one gets to go, the other gets to go (except "doctor"... they figured...
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Piedmont Farm Tour  Posted on 06/13/2013
Back in April (told you it was a busy month!) my neighbor invited me to go with her on the Piedmont Farm Tour. Basically a lot of the local farms open up for tours and questions for one weekend. Since these farms are all along the lines of...
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The Only One I've Got  Posted on 06/12/2013
Growing up I always wanted to be grand. I thought I'd be a singer (my "talent" is best kept to the car radio), a legislation-rocking lawyer (I like to argue... that's still true), an actress (high school drama- and the...
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