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All the continent in one lifetime?

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Summer plans  Posted on 07/04/2014
The summer holidays are finally here and we have a few things planned. My husband is taking 3 weeks off (that's an absolute first). First we are going to Geneva for a few days to visit our expat friends there. Since the plane ticket...
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By George we did it!  Posted on 07/02/2014
What a game! After a nail bitingly exciting 90 minutes the Belgian players failed to get past American goalie Tim Howard (in my book the man of the match, by the way!). But by another successful substitution in overtime (bringing Romelu...
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Guildford  Posted on 07/01/2014
For our next day out we drove to Guildford. You can easily get there by train as well. If you didn't bring your offspring you have a few options: go shopping (in and around the High Street or in the Friary shopping centre in case of...
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Garson Farm  Posted on 06/30/2014
Since we moved to Surrey we've been searching for new things to do in the weekends. We've made the drive to London Zoo (an hour trip instead of 12min before!), we've gone swimming at the local leisure centre two times now...
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Adapting  Posted on 06/12/2014
It's been a week and a half now since we moved to Surrey. Out of the three people our little family consists of I think I'm the one adapting the best.Unfortunately that is only because of the extraordinary beautiful weather we...
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Pre-moving jitters  Posted on 05/12/2014
I know, I know, those jitters usually come before your wedding but I really feel like the feelings I get before every move are worthy of that term. Some of the boxes have arrived (I'm packing all the non-breakables myself), I'm...
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Belgian celebrity spotting  Posted on 05/07/2014
On one of our latest trips home we saw two Belgian celebrities. While our hand luggage was passing through the scanner at Heathrow I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. No one else noticed him simply because he is a complete...
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Brussels: encore (Skievelat + Cécila)  Posted on 05/06/2014
While we were in Belgium for our Easter break we felt like we had unfinished business in Brussels. Maybe it's because we weren't able to have a proper holiday in over two years and we are desperate for some alone time away from...
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Brussels day 4: Sablon/Zavel + Marolles/Marollen  Posted on 05/01/2014
On our last day we checked out early, gave our luggage to the concierge for storage and set off on what our city guide called "the swan and the ugly duckling" walk. Our starting point was the Church of Our Blessed Lady of the...
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Toukoul + Chocolatier Elisabeth  Posted on 04/29/2014
By finding a house so surprisingly quickly I didn't have time to finish my report on our visit to Brussels. I'll make up for that right now.On our third evening in our capital we were in the mood for something exotic (we are...
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