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All the continent in one lifetime?

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Whipsnade Zoo  Posted on 12/17/2014
We've been to London Zoo countless times because we have an annual pass. And although this pass is also valid for Whipsnade Zoo situated north of London in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, we've never been there before. In November we...
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Halloween decorations  Posted on 12/16/2014
As I'm still playing catch up with my timeline I bring you a post on Halloween.Our son adores Mister Maker on Cbeebies and is always bringing home artworks he creates in after school care. For his birthday he received a box full of...
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Monaco  Posted on 12/15/2014
Did you get it right? Yes, since 1929 the Principality of Monaco hosts the most exciting Formula One Grand Prix in the world in the very streets of Monaco (!). They build and remove the circuit every year (6 weeks to build and 3 weeks to...
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Cannes, Fréjus and Antibes  Posted on 12/12/2014
After the summer holiday our son went to Reception. In September there was a birthday party for one of his classmates almost every weekend. Pretty soon half term was upon us. Having enjoyed our reunion so much we couldn't wait to join...
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RHS Wisley: part 2  Posted on 12/11/2014
Wisley is apparently the second most visited garden in the UK after Kew gardens. Having visited them both I must say that I find Wisley more interesting and diverse than Kew but I suspect those results have a lot to do with proximity to...
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RHS Wisley: part 1  Posted on 12/10/2014
Wisley is one of four of the Royal Horticultural Society's gardens. My dad has a serious case of green thumbs. He absolutely loves gardening so this was the perfect day trip for him. My husband does not share this passion (to say the...
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Hampton Court Palace  Posted on 12/09/2014
After our stay in Belgium where our son spend most of his time in my parents' enormous garden, helping out granddad. They were building camps, trimming the (seemingly never-ending) hedge, pushing the wheelbarrow (or being transported...
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Hospital  Posted on 12/06/2014
Towards the end of our holiday in Portugal my parents had handed our son over to my mother-in-law's care (they usually babysit 3-4 days each, we never leave him longer than a week). We were getting reports of him being feverish, weak...
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Geneva  Posted on 12/05/2014
I'm way behind on my posts (so sorry ...) and instead of moving on in time I have to look even further back than mid-July (see my previous Portugal posts) because we left our Geneva pictures with my mother-in-law on a USB-stick for...
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Sintra: part 2  Posted on 12/03/2014
I already had to break my promise to update my blog more. This time I had to take care of my husband and boy who fell ill within a day of each other (one with a throat infection and the other with a chest infection ). For over a week...
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