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My neighborhood  Posted on 02/01/2011
Yep, my little planet, Namesti Miru, a first attempt at a polar panorama!!If you wanna make your own, it can be fairly easy provided you have the right tools.Here's how.If you've watched the movie and want to get that action he...
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Exploring flavors!  Posted on 01/23/2011
Since this blog was taking a dangerous culinary turn, i decided to start a fully dedicated blog to share my experiments.So, enjoy!
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Strobed beans  Posted on 11/22/2010
White Bean Hummus - aka fasole batuta! Obviously, with delicious gaaaarlic!Yummy!
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Porkopolis  Posted on 09/25/2010
Yes, I live here, I know, it's hard.You'd better see for yourselves:This is just a teaser for the No Reservations show, the Prague episode.Look it up on the torrents!
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Fields of gold  Posted on 06/28/2010
Fields of gold, originally uploaded by Florin Draghici.while going cherry hunting!
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Voilà le soufflé!  Posted on 05/09/2010
It's rhubarb season and this souffle is absolutely amazing! It's actually not so hard to make, so go ahead and buy those stalks!
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Entropa  Posted on 05/09/2010
To my own delight, I finally got to visit David Cerny's Entropa which was on display at DOX Prague for almost a year now after it had finished shocking the Europeans in Brussels.This David Cerny is one hell of an artist, he sure knows...
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p2p microfinancing  Posted on 03/05/2010
I've been spending almost 2 hours reading about online "p2p" microfinancing and how it can positively impact the ones less fortunate than us.Reading my way through the footnotes on the wikipedia article about kiva i delved a...
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Czech your wallet  Posted on 09/13/2009
This little 'innocent' price list has been in Karlstejn for at least 3 years because I remember it from the time i first visited the place... I'm surprised that nobody pointed out the ridiculousness of having the price...
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