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Svinisce, the hidden treasure

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added on 01/12/2012 by: oeps
The blog I write is just my bit of fun sharing and promoting Dalmatia's beauties and a bit about our life over here. Every picture tells a story, so to every picture I write a little story. One thing for sure, if you stay on the beach you'll never get the real feel.
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STOP NÓW  Posted on 07/24/2014
Our Adriatic Sea is thé reason why you and so many others choose to come to Dalmatia, every year again.It's clear blue water, clean as clean can be, attracts people from all over the globe, year after year, and with hundreds of...
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Split without Salona: IMPOSSIBLE !  Posted on 07/21/2014
I like to be clear, sometimes even blunt :-).However, if not being clear, you would miss this tip:visiting Split without visiting Salona (today's Solin)would be a terrible mistake.As without Salona there wouldn't have been...
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chase the donkey, thát's what you need to do !  Posted on 07/15/2014
Why bother writing my "no good for nothing" pages,when there is a fár better option ?Well, to be honest, I like to keep my English in shape, not easy for a Dutchman living in Dalmatia.With a couple of languages in my...
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dive, dive, dive !  Posted on 07/10/2014
(Picture "stolen" from the internet).Many if not most people visit Dalmatia because a swim in the Adriatic is great, after a bit of sun tanning.And many if not all of them do not know what's below the surface.Well than, let...
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being dutch in dalmatia  Posted on 07/07/2014
Perhaps you haven´t noticed yet, but in Brasil there is a world championship going on.So whát you may say.!! Football !!And however the Dalmatian people are known for being absolute Hajduk Split fans, specially in this...
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central dalmatia, a love story  Posted on 06/30/2014
Being a very enthusiastic reader of Total Split 's pages,today I was pleasantly surprised with a very charming videoabout Central Dalmatia .The video won a price on a festival in Azerbaijan, and however the music under it is a bit to...
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Cetina footpath  Posted on 06/28/2014
(click to enlarge)How about:a walk from Omis to let's say Restoran Kastil Slanica.(About 30/45 minutes for lazy walkers like me).A most impressive walk it is, following the Cetina into the Canyon.Frogs shouting "kiss me, I am a...
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camping in dalmatia  Posted on 06/25/2014
Bad luck........ if you don't want to spend all your quality time at the Adriatic, on small or huge camp sites,as camping in the Total of Inland Dalmatia is a mission impossible.Still the officials, locally ánd nationwide...
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sunny dalmatia (also knows rain)  Posted on 06/19/2014
Dalmatia is known for it's perfect sunny weather.Warm, in mid summer even hot, but hardly ever to hot.Most of spring, summer and even autumn are blessed with sunny weather, but to keep nature green :-) we know rainy days as well, even...
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