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Svinisce, the hidden treasure

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added on 01/12/2012 by: oeps
The blog I write is just my bit of fun sharing and promoting Dalmatia's beauties and a bit about our life over here. Every picture tells a story, so to every picture I write a little story. One thing for sure, if you stay on the beach you'll never get the real feel.
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start dreaming (of your next vacation)  Posted on 10/28/2014
(click to enlarge)As you (may or should) know, I like to share my favourite hidden secrets.So here's another one.If you are staying between let's say Makarska and Omis, somewhere in the middle is the road to...
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fiddlers on the roof  Posted on 10/26/2014
That's how they do it, fiddlers on the roof.Five guys, a pump and a truckload of concrete.It's just a tiny part of the story, but believe me,this story has a very happy ending.Round Christmas the entire story will be revealed,and...
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croatia 365 (days)  Posted on 10/17/2014
(click to enlarge)Most tourists come to Croatia in mid summer,which is pretty understandable.Great sunny weather, a delicious seawater temperature, and more interesting places, islands, breathtaking nature and an almost impossible amount...
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Hvar through Mara's eyes  Posted on 10/04/2014
(My usual advise, but certainly this time: dó click to enlarge ).Than look, and look again,and you'll be surprised, charmed and amazed at the same time.As thát is how an true artist sees Hvar.With véry little...
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how quiet life left our valley  Posted on 09/27/2014
What to do, when your house is to small ?The answer is easy, take it down and start again.Well, that's not the real story,we're just improving our (much to small) place.Double the livingroom, create a new sleepingroom, extend the...
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Croatia, a Slavic country  Posted on 09/25/2014
(Picture from the Slavorum newsletter).Spending some (certainly not all) time behind my computer,I subscribed to the newsletter of slavorum.org .The reason is simple, I love to learn more about Croatia/Dalmatia,and the surrounding...
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shit weather is also weather :-)  Posted on 09/22/2014
(Do click to enlarge those tiny symbols, written in Dutch).(The orange line shows day temperatures, the blue one temperature during night, and yes there will be some rain, but on average things still look pretty nice, so why not plan a...
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if visiting Split, than álso Solin !  Posted on 09/18/2014
(Picture and video found on TotalSplit)Visiting Split, that's a must for most visitors of Dalmatia.And right they are !In fact, our part of Croatia is blessed with three historic places.Of course the old Venetian town of Dubrovnik is...
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