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Svinisce, the hidden treasure

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added on 01/12/2012 by: oeps
The blog I write is just my bit of fun sharing and promoting Dalmatia's beauties and a bit about our life over here. Every picture tells a story, so to every picture I write a little story. One thing for sure, if you stay on the beach you'll never get the real feel.
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ok, I lost................(and I am an idiot now too).  Posted on 12/15/2014
A lot of work, tired as hell, prepare and have dinner (yes I cook too),and than lay back watching tv.Forget it !As we smoke, but don't smoke in the living room, I get myself a cup of coffee and a smoke, and sit where I can sit,drink,...
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so you think you've seen it all............  Posted on 12/11/2014
So you think you've seen it all,than think again, till you've seen Modris.If looking for noise, sorry, we haven't.And if looking for skyscrapers or jammed highways, sorry again.Even when looking for gold, oil, diamonds, big...
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the day after  Posted on 12/10/2014
After bád news always comes góód news.I was reading about an initiative to combine growing vegetables with producing energy.And since I desperately needed some positive news,I continued reading, and hope you do...
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nó politics on my blog  Posted on 12/09/2014
I promised myself nót to blog about politics.So I WÓN'T !But, dear people of Omis, dó remember this day, December 9, 2014.A famous president of the United States of America once said:"For I can assure you...
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it's gonne be a white, white............tomorrow  Posted on 12/08/2014
The good thing of living here (ten minutes from Omis, thirty from Split and fortyfive from Biokovo ),is that one does not have to dream of a white Christmas.The reason is simple, as even though temperatures at the coast may be mild to...
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Dear Santa, can I get this book, please......  Posted on 12/07/2014
To comfort you straight away, this book is also available in English.It's than called:Excursions from Split-the Split Riviera and Hinterland.( isbn 978-953-7527-26-6 )I bought it in a friendly bookstore on Vocni Trg in Split,which is...
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Potravlje pottery, the way it was made for ages.  Posted on 11/26/2014
(click to enlarge)Potravlje, the blue dot on the map, hides one of the many hardly known secrets of Inland Dalmatia.As here, near the town of Sinj, Cetina River and Lake Perusko, an ancient pottery technique has survived for ages.Still a...
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Dalmatia, gó and discóver Inland Dalmatia !  Posted on 11/25/2014
Today I "stumbled" over an éxcellent new promotion video showing Inland Dalmatia.In about three minutes you get an impression why I/we love it here.I took this picture from Google Maps to give you an idea of the...
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Indonesian food in Svinisce, huh.........yes indeed  Posted on 11/23/2014
(Picture from: facebook.com/makanindonesia).Yes indeed, sometimes we enjoy Indonesian food here in Svinisce.This may be weird to you, but let me explain.First of all, I am a Dutchman (oh, but thát explains a lot :-).No serious, that...
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for those who can't wait  Posted on 11/22/2014
(click to enlarge).Things are going fast, perfect quality and just as planned.Hard to explain how very much we like the way the entire process of enlarging our house is going.From almost "less than nothing"with a serious lack of...
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