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Svinisce, the hidden treasure

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added on 01/12/2012 
The blog I write is just my bit of fun sharing and promoting Dalmatia's beauties and a bit about our life over here. Every picture tells a story, so to every picture I write a little story. One thing for sure, if you stay on the beach you'll never get the real feel.
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closed till further notice  Posted on 05/03/2015
Hi all of you interested followers around the world.As you may have noticed I almost didn't add any new posts here.For those who thought Svinisce disappeared from the earth,don't worry, it's still here, just five minutes...
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enjoy the sun but stay safe.  Posted on 04/14/2015
Dalmatia is fantastic.A very pleasant climate and a stunning coast.Lot's of sunshine and numerous places to enjoy it at the Adriatic.Lot's of beaches, like in Omis, Makarska, Split or Trogir, and if there's no sandy beach,...
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JA VOLIM OMIS (sada)  Posted on 03/08/2015
Page copied from Slobodna Dalmacija.(click picture to enlarge)And people remembered:Omiš, Tuesday, December 9, 2014"Mozes lagati neke ljude svo vrijeme,mozes lagati sve ljude neko vrijeme,li ne mozes lagati sve ljude svo...
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Biokovo, a year round beauty  Posted on 02/26/2015
(click to enlarge)Text and picture from:biokovo.euBiokovo (nature park) is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia (Croatia).It rises vertically from the Adriatic Coast to height of 1762 m. Because of it’s geographical position,...
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I'll be back next spring  Posted on 02/19/2015
Some of you may think "where's the news".Some others may think "what's up".No big deal, but I was in hospital with a serious pneumonia,my camera is out of order (so, no pictures), the weather still a bit...
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feeding fish...............hélp !!!!!!!  Posted on 02/04/2015
Scrolling for some details about a route from Split to Prozor-Rama,(which I found).I also stumbled over this truly amazing picture.Not sure you'll find this fish nor the bird, you'll be surprised about all other natural beauty.I...
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shit happens, even in Dalmatia  Posted on 01/23/2015
So there I was, lying in a Dalmatian hospital in Split.As that was the only safe place for me, having a severe pneumonia.Being a bit ignorant ánd stubborn, I ignored all signs my body was giving me, so after a week or so with...
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old picture, new year  Posted on 01/01/2015
Leaving an old year behind, heading for a new one.Whatever you may think, 2014 was a year to remember, and in another 365 days also 2015 is history.Let's wish 2015 is worth to remember, as good things are worth it.PS.On the picture a...
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it's not as white as usual in December  Posted on 12/28/2014
We did not get a White Christmas, and even today, with heavy snow inland, only Mosor Mountains are white.Which is a good thing, as looking at it is much better than being in it.And we know what it feels like to be isolated in a winter...
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It's Christmas again, the 2014th and counting.  Posted on 12/24/2014
(Please click to enlarge).Yes folks, it's the 2014th Christmas.And however not a church going person myself, for so many people round the world it's a magic moment.A good moment to reflect, and to count your blessings.Also a fine...
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