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Svinisce, the hidden treasure

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added on 01/12/2012 by: oeps
The blog I write is just my bit of fun sharing and promoting Dalmatia's beauties and a bit about our life over here. Every picture tells a story, so to every picture I write a little story. One thing for sure, if you stay on the beach you'll never get the real feel.
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kravice waterfalls, a MUST visit !  Posted on 04/06/2014
Lucky you, as you (might) intend to spend your holidays in Dalmatia !Sun, clear blue sea, beaches and coves, all of it fit for a perfect holiday.And if you decide to stay in or near Omis or Makarska, or somewhere between them, lucky you...
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ONLY clean Croatian oil: OLIVE OIL  Posted on 03/23/2014
There seem to be plans to drill for oilin the Adriatic Sea.Read the article on Total SplitTotal Splitand you will agree:NO OIL DRILLING IN THE ADRIATIC SEAThe only clean Croatian oil is Olive Oil
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to busy today, so back in time than  Posted on 03/23/2014
Busy, very busy, I might even say EXTREMELY busy.So if you desperately want to read/look, click on the blue line, as I started writing this blog around 2006.First in Dutch, but rapidly exchanged for English, as that's more universal...
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Ikarus Kurir, the plane and the man  Posted on 03/14/2014
Thanks to the website called total-inland-dalmatia.com, I was reading about a man and his plane.The ever active Paul Bradbury put a short video on it, which showed a short scenic flight on YouTube, flown in the Imotski area.What...... , a...
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Split goes Indonesian  Posted on 03/06/2014
Split, the biggest city in Dalmatia, I visit once in a while, but only when I need special things.For tourists it's a "must see", for me however, not being a tourist, it's that big city I only visit for Bauhaus, Lidl,...
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"A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"  Posted on 02/24/2014
And I, simple nature lover, who thought Sinj was only and all about the famous Alka tournament.How ignorant could I be !Thanks to the website total-inland-dalmatia.com I discovered the ever active people of Sinj's tourist organisation...
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Kravice Waterfalls (in a couple of months again)  Posted on 02/10/2014
Currently this is the screenshot we see, when we start up our computer.It's taken by Robert, my good friend of malimlin.I haven't been there yet, but be sure it's on my list, even asap, as now that it's winter, the...
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Monastery Dragovic, now and before  Posted on 02/08/2014
First of all, I am a non believer !Or to say it better, not a church going person.So if you search for me, don't try those buildings, as you won't find me there.However believing is essential for so many people in so many...
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Sailing, the last freedom  Posted on 02/08/2014
(do click to enlarge)Sailing used to be the last freedom, and still is, in Dalmatia !!!!Having sailed all my life, from dingies to 420, 470, Hobiecat, ending in a 30 ft. seaworthy yacht (called a Pion, built by v.d.Stadt).On top of that I...
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