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Kyunki Sasoor bhi kabhi damaad tha  Posted on 11/10/2014
Lol ! Why we don’t have any TV soaps with such names which publicize the male part of Indian relationships (please help me if you know the synonym for this explanation). Why do Indian media base their TV soaps on women. I have never...
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Are you Sapiosexual…?  Posted on 01/14/2013
Sapiosexual – a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others. Ahh, I don’t know the real meaning of this word, but found this on the facebook wall of my friend. May be it comes under the category of intellectual...
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Proud to be an Indian???  Posted on 12/30/2012
Are you proud to be an Indian? Being in India, this question might not appeal to you, but when one is in a foreign country, we represent our homeland country. And when this question comes to your mind, when you are staying in a foreign...
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The Legend Retires – End of an era of Cricket  Posted on 12/23/2012
Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement today. Its hard to believe that Sachin is retiring, leaving behind him a plethora of records to break for youngsters. We will miss his elegant straight and cover drives, the gentle and classy...
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The World is Alive !!!  Posted on 12/22/2012
Finally, its not the end of world. The much hyped – end of world – story has finally come to an end. This has been in news since years and after this is over, it has given reasons to many people to celebrate. There are many...
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Belgian beers Vs Carlsberg  Posted on 12/17/2012
Belgium is known for its beers, it has a wide variety of beers – each prepared by different process. I tasted different types of beers in Belgium – duvel, chimay, piraat(the worst after -hangover experience i had with :( ),...
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Cooking is fun…  Posted on 12/13/2012
Being out of India gives you option to cook or adapt to outside food. While I dont have problems in eating outside, but cooking Indian food on your own and eating them is satisfying and fun. And if you are staying with other Indians who...
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Brussels Weather  Posted on 12/07/2012
Now a days its very cold here in Brussels, Belgium. It snows. Its scenic, but too cold. Experiencing such weather for the first time, enjoying till now. Hope for the best:) 
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