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Mochi  Posted on 06/28/2013
So I know they say it’s about the journey and not the destination, but with this next restaurant, it was so about the destination. Mochi in the second. Endlich. The journey to get there, if I’m honest, was fraught...
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Weltcafé  Posted on 06/12/2013
If you are from Vienna or have lived here a while, you probably know Weltcafé in the 9th. Perhaps you have had a deliciously long brunch there on a weekend or popped in for coffee and drinks with friends. Maybe you are a...
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Atmosphere  Posted on 06/01/2013
While I mostly tend to frequent casual places when going out, every once in a while, I like to go somewhere a bit indulgent. What’s the point of having fancy pants if you never put them on? There’s something to be said for...
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ON Market  Posted on 05/26/2013
Vienna has become quite the city of  ambitious restauranteurs. Rather than cook, create, and interpret within the confines of one establishment alone, some of the city’s best and brightest are opening multiple restaurants as...
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Pizza Riva  Posted on 05/17/2013
When an old coworker of mine sent me an email recently and told me of this new(ish) pizza restaurant in the 9th, my mouth began to water. It had been a while since I had had a good pizza and well, once I got the idea of this restaurant and...
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Nourishment Of A Different Kind  Posted on 05/04/2013
Nourishment of a Different Kind. I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in Vienna. This much we know is true. And while I’m pretty committed to trying new ones out as often as my time, money, and dining companions allow me, there...
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Cafe Francais  Posted on 05/01/2013
Time to break out your red lipstick, best beret, and favorite small dog—-a French cafe has opened in town and oh mon Dieu is it ever lovely! Opened officially since late February, Cafe Francais has taken up residence in some...
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WIEN MITTE: The Mall  Posted on 04/25/2013
If you took the U4 or S-Bahn through Landstrasse at any point over the past few years, you most definitely dealt with construction. How could you not have? Just like this past winter, that was one Baustelle that seemed it would never...
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12 Munchies  Posted on 04/23/2013
When you live abroad, try as you may, some things will just never be like they are at home. Despite my prayers and wishes, I haven’t yet found a suitable replacement for Target. I haven’t been able to convince the Austrians in...
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St. Ellas  Posted on 04/18/2013
Oh, happy day. (Oh, happy day.) Sing it with me, friends. She’s back, the sun, the elusive sun. She came, we saw, and she’s conquered us all. Finally. There was a moment there where I wondered if we would make it. But lo,...
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