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Welcome  Posted on 01/28/2008
Welcome to Our Man in Tirana. I moved to Tirana, capital of Albania, in October 2005 and left in October 2007. This blog is a mix of photographs, reports, links, impressions and, undoubtedly, prejudices relating to the city and the...
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Mark Mardell in Albania  Posted on 01/22/2008
Mark Mardell, the BBC's European editor, has made his first visit to Albania and is blogging about the country on the BBC website.
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Whimper  Posted on 10/24/2007
And now the end is nearand so i face nanananana...Never did like that crappy song.But it's true nevertheless.Tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning we will be heading for the airport for the last time. I suppose it was too much to...
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Hotel California  Posted on 10/06/2007
When we first arrived it seemed that I heard it everywhere. Now, as we get ready to leave I'm hearing it everywhere again. In the last three days I've heard it three times - on Wednesday in Juvenilja, on Thursday somewhere I...
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Miss Globe 2007  Posted on 10/01/2007
On Saturday, we were at the Rogner meeting with an expat friend who was leaving Tirana. It was breakfast time, and as our friend was finishing his tea the breakfast room started to fill up with over-dressed (or under-dressed) young women...
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World Tourism Day  Posted on 09/26/2007
Apparently it's World Tourism Day and European Heritage Day. I only know this because the Ministry of Tourism, Culture Youth and Sports is organising a series of events to mark these.In Tirana, most of the events are taking place at...
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Crash (Again)  Posted on 09/25/2007
Middle of the day. No other traffic. Dead straight road. Boy in Mercedes decides to play with his brakes. Tyres squeal. Boy loses control. Car slides. Car hits parked lorry. Result: Mercedes 0 - Lorry 1.
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Big in Albania  Posted on 09/23/2007
Ask me how much I knew about Albania before coming here and my list would be a short one: Enver Hoxha, bunkers and Sir Norman Wisdom. I have no idea when or how I acquired this extensive body of knowledge, but the association of Norman...
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House of Books  Posted on 09/20/2007
Albanian blogger Elvis Palku had an interesting announcement on his blog yesterday. He has set up an online bookshop making Albanian language books published here available for Albanians everywhere. There is also a dedicated blog with...
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Albania 0 - Holland 1  Posted on 09/13/2007
Bad result. Albania should have had at least a draw. If one of the two early efforts that were cleared off the line had gone in who knows what might have happened.I don't know what was wrong with the first disallowed goal, though the...
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