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This Small Town Just Got Smaller  Posted on 06/12/2012
It's been awhile since my last post, but it's always great to hear from readers who have read this blog and made it down to Rincon. A few months ago, our friends told us of a couple they met who moved here after reading the blog...
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Live Music In Rincon  Posted on 04/14/2012
The music scene in Rincon is an interesting mix, lots of local and Caribbean influences with the gringo, surfer crowd thrown in makes for a lot of good musicians creating great soundtracks to the sunsets and the full moon parties on the...
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Reducing Single Use Plastics in Puerto Rico  Posted on 12/29/2011
I've written about a few of the problems of waste on this island; landfills filling up, more waste per capita than mainland US, recycling rates far below US and other countries, no bottle deposits and not enough equipment to recycle...
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Puerto Rico Surf History  Posted on 08/06/2011
Cindie Rice CollectionI've recently come across a great Facebook group, Aviones Boys, that has an amazing collection of photographs of Rincon and Puerto Rico from the sixties to the present. The page is dedicated to Puerto Rican...
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Puerto Rico Street Dogs - Satos  Posted on 07/16/2011
Today was the annual ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) Rincon Dog Health Day. For those of you not aware, ARF is Rincon's non-profit Animal Rescue and Education Organization, they have an office in the Balneario park that is open MWF...
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New Businesses in Rincon  Posted on 07/11/2011
Inspired by the latest issue of the El Coqui magazine, I started looking around and realized we do have a number of new businesses here in Rincon. I try to support most of the new endeavors here because I know it's difficult to...
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Where to Stay in Rincon  Posted on 06/17/2011
When we first came to Rincon on a vacation we didn't know anything about where we should stay. We found a flyer for the Lazy Parrot at EC bakery and decided to check it out. Luckily that turned out to be a great decision, the Lazy...
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Eco Tourism in Puerto Rico  Posted on 04/24/2011
The title of this blog post may be misleading as I won't be writing about the latest Eco-resort if such a thing exists in Puerto Rico, but I will be writing about ways that tourists here can help minimize the impact of their visit to...
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Updates, The Season is Almost Over  Posted on 03/23/2011
As the surf season in Rincon winds down and we near our second year in Rincon, we've come to appreciate the seasonal aspect of Rincon as a tourist town and the impact it has on local business. Many business owners leave town during...
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Felicidades!  Posted on 12/26/2010
The holidays in Rincon and I'm sure all over Puerto Rico are very festive. I noticed around Halloween al the Christmas decorations and gifts were taking over Sam's Club and the Three Kings Day parties on January 6th are the...
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  • Carol Peaches
    Carol Peaches 14 July 2014 04:46:37

    We live in LA and are looking for potential locations to retire to. What is your best suggestion on finding out how to go about that? Thanks.

  • bo Davis 19 July 2012 02:08:29

    Hi I enjoy reading your blogs about Rincon.
    I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about living in Rincon. thanks for your time
    take care Bo

  • Garden de Mala Chica
    Garden de Mala Chica 24 August 2010 03:22:36

    Great blog, thanks for sharing...love that huge fish !

  • et3surge
    et3surge 17 April 2010 20:12:43

    Hey just started looking at this site, so how has the adaptation gone from LA? I am coming from a similar city and think I will encounter much of the same.

  • Anne H
    Anne H 15 November 2009 18:06:05

    How are liking Rincon? I like to go there to boogie board and surf occassionally but the drive is very long from San Juan Area.

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