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Workshop/Man-cave progress…  Posted on 09/09/2014
The workshop/man-cave is really coming along. This week they’re starting work on the roof structure. We purchased and had delivered, all the cariolas and the metal zinc . It’s going to be a pretty big roof! So I think...
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Okay, let’s get real…  Posted on 09/06/2014
Everyone knows I’m an optimist. Okay, some may say at times I’m a bit too optimistic. But, hey! I can’t help it if I choose to see the ‘bright’ side as often as I can. I mean, why focus on the negative? So...
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Just had to share….  Posted on 09/01/2014
The Sounds Of A Sunday Evening… Dogs Barking in the distance . Birdsong filling the air. The wind gently moving the trees and the windchimes on the terrace. But mostly…Drums, Beating, Drums…in the distance yet sounding...
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Practicing My Spanish…  Posted on 08/31/2014
Practicing my Spanish…. I’ve been finding all sorts of new opportunities to practice speaking spanish. Unfortunately I haven’t had any time to get together with my two Panamanian girlfriends to practice since moving to...
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Let’s Talk About Shoes…  Posted on 08/29/2014
Yes, that’s right, I said, “Shoes”. I know, you thought you were reading a blog about expatriating to Panama…but I happen to think my adaptation to very different shoes is relevant to my subject...
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Life..A little of this ‘n’ that…  Posted on 08/28/2014
Well, we moved into our new neighbors,( Kat & Al ), house on August 5th. The plan was to live with them until they left for Virginia on August 26th (Yep, yesterday!) and then stay in their house while they are away. When they return in...
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A Quick Trip To The City…  Posted on 08/19/2014
A couple of days ago we heard from our attorney that our Permanent Pensionado Visa was ready! I was really surprised it was ready so fast. I fully expected it to take several months, we just submitted our application in early July. So, a...
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  • Bill Lafferty
    Bill Lafferty 12 January 2014 18:17:28

    I think your writing is refreshingly from the heart. Stream of thought is always good in my book. I think you are sharing your feelings as you learn to live n your new element. Thank you very much.

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