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My Year in Haiti

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Coming Home Again  Posted on 05/05/2014
Well, after nearly 21 months, I am finally getting ready for a return trip to Haiti. I am so excited. It's like I live here now, but that is home. Home is where the heart is, right? I've got a shopping list of things they need...
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FWPIATWC  Posted on 10/04/2012
We developed a sort of Missionary/Expat shorthand for some of the difficulties and challenges we just learned to live with, "That's so Haiti" or "TIH" = "This Is Haiti". This shorthand could be used for...
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And So it Goes...  Posted on 08/31/2012
So, this is the end of my story...I must apologize for such vagueness and lapses in time and posts. This year turned into a lot of things that I had not intended it to.There were a lot of stories that were not told.I would be more than...
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A little redundant  Posted on 08/24/2012
Up until tonight I was feeling very bittersweet about leaving. And then suddenly...I now understand why the Brits call getting sacked being made redundant. I totally get that now. I have never felt more obsoleted in my life. It was like...
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Happy Anniversary  Posted on 08/23/2012
Well, my year in Haiti is near completion. I've been here over a year and the end is in site. It's a bittersweet end. I have learned so many things about myself this past year. I've learned many things about my life and my...
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Sweet Kisses in the Moonlight  Posted on 08/16/2012
So last night I sat in on devotions to give Samanza her birthday present. She was my first birthday girl when I got here over a year ago, and now she is my last birthday gift as I pass the torch to Anachemy and Patty and Jeff. So shortly...
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Ishka Bishka Bibbity Bobbity Boo  Posted on 08/13/2012
Ishka falls asleep during devotions in the gazebo - photo by Dandy RomainIshka, or Nikenson, or Markenson, depending on who you ask, is our sweet little, almost 5 yo (this month) High functioning Autistic. We don't have a formal...
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Disapointment  Posted on 07/23/2012
I've never been one of those people that can hide my emotions. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I wear my disappointment on my face and in the slump of my shoulders, and if I'm angry, well, look out! I've got dagger eyes for...
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How poor is poor?  Posted on 07/09/2012
Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting one of the settlements north of Port au Prince. Some friends of ours have a little chunk of property out there and they had 5 houses built for some of the earthquake survivors they knew. I really...
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Felling Crazy, Lazy Saturday Afternoons  Posted on 07/01/2012
So, I decided to stay in my jammies today. It was going to be a day of leisure. My intern is back after a 2 week break so I threw on a sports bra under my jammie tank and headed out to open the school. I got the office open, handed out...
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