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The prairies, The Okanagan, and the Carribean  Posted on 07/20/2010
So I havn't wrote in a very long time so I will try fill everyone in on what has taken place, and what is to come in the near future. So we have FINALLY booked our tickets to the DR. We leave Canada August 6th, so that is when I will...
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19 Day's Till The 1ST Move  Posted on 06/18/2010
So since I last posted, we had our garage sale, and have been packing and fixing some small things on the house. The next 2 months are going to be INSANE!!! It is 19 days till we have to be out of our house in B.C. Thaen we go to alberta...
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MOVING SALE!!!  Posted on 05/28/2010
Hey guys so we got back from Camping and yet ANOTHER busy weekend. Our house is going to be so empty after this weekend! We are going to try and sell stuff we don't use and stuff that we can't bring to the D.R. So on Saturday we...
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1st LOAD MOVED!!  Posted on 05/19/2010
Ok so we just got back from alberta, a 9 hr drive from here in BC. We are going to be storing all the stuff we aren't selling at my grandparents farm in Alberta, so we have 1 more trip to make. Only 50 days untill we have to be out of...
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Packing and Waiting!  Posted on 05/07/2010
Ok so these next 2 months are seriously going to draaaaaaag. I am packing abunch of stuff this weekend and next week we are making a trip to Alberta to drop off the first load. We are hoping that we can get the rest in our second and final...
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SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!  Posted on 04/16/2010
Well it has been almost a year now and the house FINALLY has sold!! What a relief!! So now we have to start focusing on getting ready, we will be moving out July 7th and heading to alberta for a few weeks, then in the middle to the end of...
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A Place to Live!!!!  Posted on 04/08/2010
Ok so I just got a phone call from our friends in Las Terrenas. They are originally from Canada and they need to come back here for about 6 months. However they want to hold on to their place so they phoned us and asked if we wanted to...
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6 More Days!  Posted on 04/02/2010
So the subjects come off of our house on the 8th and it can't come fast enough. I'm so stoked that we have accepted an offer and all that but it won't feel like it has happened untill I see that SOLD sticker on our front...
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3 Months Left in Canada!!  Posted on 03/19/2010
Ok so FINALLY after 9 long months the house has an offer and we accepted!!! AS long as the home inspector doesn't have any issue's we sold the house! The possesion Date will be July the 7th so we will be spending most of the...
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8 Showings in 3 weeks!  Posted on 03/17/2010
Ok so we have been going crazy with all the showings and people saying they are really interested and then thats it. It has been a real experience these last 8 months trying to sell this place. The last couple that came into look for the...
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  • Crazypeggy
    Crazypeggy 11 November 2010 04:28:52

    Congrats!!! What a wonderful place LT!!! I have one of my best friend in real-estate there! If you need..ask me!

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